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Is Cadillac Desert Coming to Texas?

Cadillac Desert by the late Marc Reisner (1948-2000) is an excellent history of vanishing water in the USA southwest. It was among the 100 best books of the 20th century. Reisner’s vocabulary is so advanced that one might be in need of consulting a dictionary while pouring through the book. “Sesquipedalian tergiversation” is another way of describing [...]

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Playing chicken with China while we eat turkey

  As millions in the most powerful military nation in history prepared for Thanksgiving, U.S. Air Force B-52 bombers entered air space over the South China Sea claimed by China. The British Broadcasting Corporation alone reported this unpleasant news item while U.S. networks focused on turkey, inclement weather and football. U.S. troops ate nearly 50,000 [...]

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My Haiku

Haiku originated in Japan in the 1700's.  Basho is accredited with being the "founding father of haiku," as explained in four previous volumes of poetry. Haiku is 5-7-5, three-line verse in praise of nature or terse perceptive observations on the awesome beauty of nature. A reader from Japan sent me a harsh email message in [...]

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