Pro Keystone Senators Paid Better Than Opponents

A non-binding vote in the US Senate regarding the KXL pipeline was held on March 22,2013. The resolution passed 62-37 according to all reports. COMMON DREAMS researchers discovered those elected officials who favored KXL received 3.5 times more in contributions from fossil fuel industries than those who opposed the project. The officials who said “Yea” received an [...]

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What If A Huge Corporation Clear Cut Louisiana?

There were over 200 manifestations of resistance to construction of the Keystone XL pipeline across the USA on Saturday September 21st. Dozens gathered in Houston and New Orleans to exhibit opposition within energy states to tar sands oil coming down from Alberta, Canada to Port Arthur, Texas for refining. Tulane University students, mindful of their future were [...]

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Is “Zest For Living” More Important than Sources of Energy?

Teilhard deChardin (1881-1955) formerly among us as a paleontologist, prophet and mystic was fifty years ahead of his time. As a Jesuit priest he perhaps frightened church (and secular?) leaders with sharp insights such as: ”We are Earth coming into consciousness.” All of us are literally human "stardust" also. Can we accept ourselves as bodies [...]

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We Froze While Austrialia Sizzled

Living in Hong Kong for ten years was a daily mind / consciousness- expanding experience. The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) provided ten minutes of uninterrupted news every hour. Each evening at 10 we received “News of the World in Review”, also without commercials. The news concluded with weather reports on over twenty nations. Doubtless,  bitter cold affecting [...]

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When We Cannot Breathe, Nothing Else Matters

December 17, 1963 Congress passed the first Clean Air Act. A very important 50th anniversary went by this year without too much notice. The Canadian/American Lung Association logo is: “If we cannot breathe, nothing else matters.” Prosperity without pure air, water and nutritious food is meaningless. The pollution belching into our atmosphere globally is slowly [...]

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Arguing with Earthquakes Makes no Sense

During five years (1989-1994) of environmental activities in Dallas, Houston and SATX, I learned the Texas Railroad Commission (RRC) was one of the most powerful bodies in the Lone Star State where gas, oil and minerals are of utmost importance. George Bush, senior, former CIA director and president paraphrased the Beatitudes of Jesus (Matthew chpt. [...]

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Forty Five disasters that are kept quiet

MANY MISHAPS MIGHT  BRING  A NEW ERA, NOT  JUSTIFY KEYSTONE XL Trains carrying oil had serious  mishaps  in Canada and most recently in North Dakota that were too big for concealing because entire communities were threatened. 2013 was a sad year for transportation of fossil fuels according to Climate Progress. Please consult the web site listing forty five disasters the industry does [...]

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