Trains carrying oil had serious  mishaps  in Canada and most recently in North Dakota that were too big for concealing because entire communities were threatened.

2013 was a sad year for transportation of fossil fuels according to Climate Progress. Please consult the web site listing forty five


disasters the industry does not want us to know about. Space does not allow citing  all of the accidents.

Some would quickly conclude shipping oil by pipeline, especially the KEYSTONE XL, multi-billion Canadian line bringing tar sands oil from Alberta, Canada is the safest means of transportation. Rail, truck, barge transportation are all risky, costly means.

Countless words have been given in testimony about  Keystone XL pipeline. One US State Department hearing was held in Port Arthur, Texas during September 2011. Speakers went to the microphone from 4 until 10 P.M. Not one word was uttered about the geographical, geological fact KXL would be heading directly  into the New Madrid(MO) fault region of the heartland.

The last serious eruptions of the New Madrid 150-mile long fault occurred in 1811 and 1812. Those upheavals forced the Mississippi to flow north. During one geological forcing, Mississippi river water flowed eastwards into Tennessee creating Reelfoot Lake.

Will seven states that depend upon the Ogalalla aquifer hold hearings regarding risks to their water supply if tar sands oil from Canada invades their territory?

Descending Keystone will take a left turn eastward at Steele City, Nebraska, pass through precious farm land in Missouri, cross the Mississippi near St. Louis. Oil will then be piped into Wood River and Patoka, Illinois, again tearing asunder beautiful Illinois farm land I have known from childhood.

The southern Illinois Basin contains 15,000 feel of Cambrian coal, oil and minerals. This rich deposit of fossil fuels is covered by fertile farmland. Coal mines that flourished from  the 1930’s were closed in the 1950’s and covered by parks or golf courses because of environmental threats flowing from bituminous coal.

Will our elected officials wake in time to reject KEYSTONE XL and perceive there is no safe means of transporting volatile fossil fuels?

Post carbon advocates and indigenous people in poor countries ravaged by exploration for oil conclude the safest means of moving oil is to leave most of it in the ground. The Industrial Revolution will give birth to a Renewable era. Dr. Mark Jacobson and Stanford University are some who are well on the way to this age.