A non-binding vote in the US Senate regarding the KXL pipeline was held on March 22,2013. The resolution passed 62-37 according to all reports. COMMON DREAMS researchers discovered those elected officials who favored KXL received 3.5 times more in contributions from fossil fuel industries than those who opposed the project. The officials who said “Yea” received an average of $499,648 for their support.

Those politicians who are well paid can easily call for an end to KXL studies and plunge ahead into the New Madrid fault quake zone with a pipeline that could be splintered by an overdue quake. The last tremor occurred in 1812 that caused the mighty Mississippi to flow backwards.  Seismologists believe the quake zone is long overdue for another “tickle” that would threaten the Ogalalla aquifer which provides for Midwestern states.

NASA scientist James Hansen’s view on KXL is wider than senators who parrot “jobs , jobs, jobs” and profits for energy firms that dominate a sputtering global economy.  Hansen believes “KXL is not just a game changer, but a game finisher.” May 2013 marks the first no kxltime in human history that carbon dioxide emissions went beyond 400 parts per million(ppm). While the US froze, Australia was suffering with heat near 135 degrees.

A 2007 report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) concluded 400 selected glaciers worldwide “present an average annual thinning of 0.7 millimeters in water equivalent….The loss of mountain glaciers threatens downstream populations with increasing sea levels and storm surges.”(THE FATE OF MOUNTAIN GLACIERS IN THE ANTHROPOCENE –  p.8)

Louisiana and Florida are especially vulnerable to storm surges like Irene and Sandy that paralyzed Atlantic coast cities.  It appears our leaders in Washington and banking officials in Wall St. are not convinced about nature’s rebellion.

The 50,000+ square miles area of Alberta, Canada now being exploited for highly polluting tar sands, oil tar sands, is the same as Louisiana’s 54,000 square miles. How would residents and leaders of this state respond if a powerful corporation chose to ignore public opinion to destroy the entire state in search of a vanishing fossil fuel?

“Whose bread I eat, his (her) song I sing.” Half of our senators are wealthy who still spend an average of five months seeking funds for re-election. Earth has the last word, not narrow minded officials in power.