There were over 200 manifestations of resistance to construction of the Keystone XL pipeline across the USA on Saturday September 21st.

Dozens gathered in Houston and New Orleans to exhibit opposition within energy states to tar sands oil coming down from Alberta, Canada to Port Arthur, Texas for refining.

Tulane University students, mindful of their future were leaders in the New Orleans rally.

As the energetic marchers walked from the French Quarter area for six blocks, Mississippi cruise boats sounded their regular departures for tourists. Jazz bands lifted everyone’s awareness beyond KEYSTONE XL. Pigeons waited for tourists sipping coffee in Café Du Monde to leave their tables so they could pick up and scraps of food or beignets remaining on the tables. Marriages were performed in the festive city where few reflect on the fact NOLA is already twelve feet below sea level and giant pumps alone keep New Orleans functioning as our ocean rises quietly. The drama of sinking New Orleans is reminiscent of Titanic times when “the band played on.”

Thousands of miles to the north in Alberta, Canada, TRANS CANADA, a powerful corporation tramples on the rights of Native Americans by mercilessly clear cutting the Boreal Forest to obtain tar sands oil. NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC photo journalists over recent years allow us to view unspeakable devastation of a forest that will never be regenerated.

People of Louisiana are geographically capable of imagining corporate slaughter as 52,000 square miles of Canadian nature are clear cut.

Residents of this beautiful state need only ask how we would react if a powerful energy corporation chose to designate 52,457 square miles of Louisiana territory for exploitation,

Would “Jobs, jobs, jobs” touted by the corporate leaders and local politicians overcome those who speak, demonstrate for a mute Earth? Which US Corporation would boldly decide to invade a neighboring nation with thundering, Earth removal equipment?

Not least, eventual burning of highly polluting tar sands oil will contribute more to the thirty billion tons of carbon dioxide already turning our ocean into carbonic acid.

As science writer Lisa Gershwin indicated in her book jelly fish alone are thriving in an acidic ocean. Other fish are not faring well due to over fishing and water quality.

2013 may be another blessed year without Katrina-sized storms in our area. However, Hong Kong, Taiwan, the Philippines and China are feeling the wrath of nature experienced in New Orleans eight years ago.

Will we wake in time to reject KEYSTONE XL and preserve what little remains of the boreal forest? Would Louisiana allow the entire state to be pillaged for energy sources?