According to news reports, the US State Department reviewed a FEIS document that will allow the Keystone XL pipeline to pass later in the year.  FEIS simply means, Final Environmental Impact Statement that flowed from the US government indicating the KXL pipeline “will not be a threat to the environment.”  Fortunately, President Obama did not mention KXL in his address to the nation. Any semi-conscious observer would detect some glaring problems in the “State Department” report.

GRIST ( is a publication that indicate the report on KXL was prepared by Environmental  Resources Management (ERM) a consulting firm hired by TransCanada, which is the company determined to complete the 1,700 mile pipeline. Could there be a bias in ERM’s conclusion? Have they yet explained how there is no threat to the US environment after the pipeline crossing the Kalamazoo River did serious environmental damage and is still likely a threat?

A report not done by ERM indicates KXL will cross 1,073 water bodies, 56 perennial rivers and streams plus twenty five miles of mapped flood plains.

Not least, the entire KXL proposal will invade a region with the most threatening earthquake fault in the heartland. The New Madrid fault last erupted in 1812. It was a tremor powerful enough to make the Mississippi flow north.  In that manifestation of nature’s fury, the Mississippi River water also flowed to the east creating Reelfoot Lake, one tourist benefit enjoyed today by those who visit and fish in Tennessee.

Seismologists fear an overdue tremor would affect the heartland again as it did in the 1800’s.   No pipeline could withstand one repeat performance by the New Madrid fault. There might be thousands of jobs available in cleanup operations as there were in other recent oil mishaps.

It is not just 1,000 water bodies, 56 rivers and twenty five miles of flood plains that are threatened but the entire Ogallala aquifer which nourishes Midwestern states.

(State Dept. FEIS report, page 3.3-23)

(State Dept. FEIS report, page 3.3-23)

There are 90 days remaining for those who sense environmental threats to encourage Mr. Obama not to allow such a controversial plan to continue.

(ed.: Please read this article as well.)

The ocean is our final indicator that carbon dioxide emissions from tar sands oil will push acidity even higher. Presently it is thirty percent higher than acidity was thirty years ago. Those who look to shellfish for a means of living will not be happy to see more carbonic acid enter our atmosphere. First Americans who see 54,000 miles of boreal forest desecrated by corporations will rejoice if tar sands are left in the Earth.