Bold Nebraska is a strong coalition of ranchers that joined numerous groups of Native Americans who have been opposing exploitation of Alberta, Canada land as large as Louisiana to prevent tar sands oil from being sent to Port Arthur, Texas, Wood River and Patoka, Illinois for refining. The struggle has lasted five years, infuriating those who want only “jobs, jobs, jobs” without envisioning carbon dioxide levels climbing well beyond 400 parts per million. Threats to Earth’s future cannot be seen through eyes blocked by $$$ signs.

Unknown to most of us who depend upon corporate news services is the stealthy plan to GCTpursue tar sands oil in a large area of eastern Utah that is dangerously close to the Grand Canyon. The website at deserves applause and our own exploration to preserve a national treasure from invasion by roads and heavy equipment in pursuit of highly polluting tar sands oil.

Friday, March 14th, Democracy Now with Amy Goodman revealed the silent attack upon Utah by those who are determined to exploit tar sands oil at any cost.

A mural painting across from Dwyer’s restaurant on Jefferson St. in Lafayette is entitled “Until there’s Nothing left but a Postcard” The national treasure of marshland in Louisiana is indeed vanishing. Local artists are stimulating our collective conscience to protect what remains of Louisiana’s beauty.

Will we have enough psychological energy to prevent Keystone XL from invading the Midwest, threatening the huge Oglala aquifer and simultaneously lend a hand to those in Utah now in the crosshairs of energy magnates?