As WWII ended Senator Arthur Vandenberg  (1884-1951) advised Harry Truman: “If you want to keep the USA on a war economy, you must scare the hell out of the people.” A former US Air Force pilot informed me decades ago: “Peace is not good for us as fighting men.”

A high ranking officer in Honolulu visited a small church in 1980. He made a blunt statement: “I no longer believe in what my country is doing.”  The officer then invited us to enter the Nuclear War Policy office of Camp Smith and hold a religious service on Ash Wednesday, March 4, 1981 in protest over 40,000 targets the US had on maps of the former Soviet Union. The courageous officer who clearly saw global environmental nuclear devastation in his official position has since died and his name will remain forever known to God alone. Washington’s plan was obviously to obliterate the entire  USSR.

Another US Navy branch Commander-In-Chief, Pacific (CINPAC) is also based in Honolulu. From this remote spot 5000 miles away from California, the US Navy controls ¾ of the planet with secret, stealthy nuclear submarines carrying missiles far more destructive than the 20,000 ton atomic bomb that destroyed Hiroshima on August 6, 1945. Ocean, air, and land nuclear domination is what Washington desires. If we ask opinions from abroad, we will discover which is the most feared country in the world. ABC, NBC, CBS want us to believe it is Russia, going back into the Cold War paranoia. Residents of Henry, LA know that tiny community was one of the top ten targets of KGB agents during the height of the Cold war. If the “Henry Hub” was obliterated by one surgical strike, the flow of natural gas to the nation would be cut off.

With the collapse of the former USSR in 1989, Gorbachev said, “There is only one superpower remaining.” That superpower is now $17 trillion in debt and still spending over $1 billion daily on “defense.” US military outposts in over 100 countries are not cheap, nor do they gain friends for the USA. On the contrary, the Philippines are now opposing Mr. Obama’s desire to return US military presence to an impoverished nation.

60 MINUTES is viewed by millions each Sunday night at 6PM. Those who were viewing the presentation of April 27th were taken deep into some of the 450 nuclear missile sites and bunkers buried in US heartland farm areas where Minuteman III missile posts are clearly visible amid bales of hay and grazing cattle. In moments of honesty, the personnel in their 20’s told of their outmoded 1950 vintage, floppy disc equipment, including a broken bunker door that was held open with a steel bar. The youthful defenders of our” security” displayed difficulty hearing phone calls in their tense atmosphere but assured us only the president can order a nuclear missile launching. Can one person be trusted?

Our Commander-In-Chief and cohorts are clearly unhappy about Mr. Snowden finding sanctuary in Russia. C-Span recently hosted three “whistle blowers,” including Daniel Ellsberg who revealed the Pentagon Papers that indicated our war in Vietnam was initiated by a government lie, the Tonkin Gulf Resolution.  All agreed honest government servants who wished to report malfeasance or unethical behavior in their department could only do so from another country, or face life in prison here.

Negligence, dishonesty and nuclear accidents among those who control city/country destroying weapons can be reported at risk to the ones who wish to do the right thing and protect Earth for future generations.

If 60 MINUTES of the 27th was missed,  a book entitled Command and Control by Eric Schloser is necessary reading for anyone living in this nuclear age when Indian writer Arundhati Roy warned, “It could all be over in an afternoon.”

Commander-In-Chief Obama is indicating symptoms of emperors lusting for power throughout history by sending US Marines to Australia, possibly reopening bases in the Philippines, despite resistance of the people and sending a US navy ship to the Black Sea in Russia. How would Washington respond if a Russian vessel appeared in the Gulf of Mexico? The US is “crawfishing” to a Mutual assured Destruction (MAD) age from which we escaped. Only our blindness and silence will allow the penchant for war to rise again in Washington.

Mutual assured Destruction (MAD) is not what our children and sacred Earth deserve.