Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL) based in Philadelphia, birthplace of US independence calculated where our tax dollars really go. (Jim Cason is the researcher for documentation. Follow him on Twitter @jimcason.)

 Let  us visualize coins stacked unequally to imagine government expenditures of about:

*40 cents for military spending

*23 cents for health care

*16 cents for assistance to low income households

*11 cents for general government

*6 cents for community and economic development

*3 cents for energy, science & environment (crying for attention)

*2 cents for Diplomacy, Development & War Prevention (Do we need a Peace cabinet?)

Jim Cason and FCNL analysts conclude along with ordinary citizens that our Pentagon budget is out of step with priorities while Earth faces the most colossal environmental threats in human history. In a nation “Of the people, for the people, by the people,” the gap between CEO’s (380 times higher) and ordinary workers has never been wider.

Environmental challenges of recent decades have resulted in droughts, floods, and storms that resulted in elevated food prices globally.

Military forces under General Honore were needed in New Orleans, the military alone could cope in the Philippines after the strongest winds in history struck.  The military of other nations was called upon to cope with onslaughts of nature. General Honore continues to struggle for the environment in Louisiana. His website is:

In our era, spending half of each tax dollar on the military may be necessary to defend ourselves from nature in rebellion over our collective abuse of an ocean now dying of acidification, not to mention a neglected Mother Earth.