Are ULL Students Being Prepared For The Inevitable?

During nearly twenty years in Lafayette I phoned 482-6340 at ULL to hear “Hi, This is Dr. Griff Blakewood in the Department of Renewable Resources. Please leave a message.” My calls were returned faithfully. After a lengthy struggle with cancer countless friends and supporters no longer hear the energizing voice of Griff in his Hamilton [...]

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What We Do (and do) Not Know About Our Ocean(s) Today

Father Thomas Berry (1914-2009) was a friend and mentor for twenty years. I spoke with him weekly by phone during his twilight years in a Greensboro, NC retirement home. During our last chat in May 2009, Thomas said, “I will be leaving you soon.” He “passed” as predicted on June 1st. Thomas died at 95. [...]

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Conscience Is Stirring Among Government Servants

Novelist Bernard Malamud wrote, “Conscience and conscience alone will turn the world upside down.” Richard Clarke, a former security czar under presidents Clinton and George Bush, Jr. is the most recent government servant to say, “Up with this I will not put,” and simply quit rather than violate their conscience. Clarke opposed US invasion of Iraq, telling Mr. [...]

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