Father Thomas Berry (1914-2009) was a friend and mentor for twenty years. I spoke with him weekly by phone during his twilight years in a Greensboro, NC retirement home. During our last chat in May 2009, Thomas said, “I will be leaving you soon.” He “passed” as predicted on June 1st. Thomas died at 95.

Margaret Berry is his (95-yr old) younger sister who still resides in Greensboro. June 24, I phoned to check on her well-being. Margaret answers her phone on the first or second ring. Today she asked if I heard of the vast ocean found beneath our visible ocean. I was ignorant of the scientific discovery 400 miles below Earth’s ocean. Margaret urged me to “get up to speed” in awareness following publication of Our Sacred Ocean this year.

While inviting all to search into existence of other ocean miles below the existing body covering three fourths of Earth, it is important for all to be aware of three major threats to our visible ocean.

*Acidification resulting from unchecked burning of fossil fuels is turning the ocean from a source of life to all on Earth into an inhospitable pool of carbonic acid. Carbonic acid, however mild, cannot be a source of nourishment to coral reefs or any living creatures. Will we curtail dumping billions of tons of carbon dioxide into our suffering, threatened ocean – soon?

*”Plasticfication” of our huge ocean is the biggest oil spill in history. Dr. Marcus Eriksen, PhD is a former US Marine who documents humankind’s plastic invasion of our ocean and makes it visible on www.5gyres.org for those who cannot physically witness what is occurring each moment.

*Pollution and “plasticfication” are symbiotic twins that plead for our attention.

A friend who went on a cruise recently told of the cruise line company purchasing a private beach in Central America. When the liner docked and passengers were encouraged to enjoy a swim, they refused to dive in because of plastic pollution in a pristine area. The captain said corporate owners did not want to pay for cleaning the area and if they did hire someone to “police” the area, to where would the trash be hauled?
The passengers kindly refused to swim at the private beach.

Is the newly discovered hidden ocean safe from humans? Will elected officials and corporate CEO’s awake in time?