Yes, there is still a Flat Earth Society in 2014, and some might admit to being members.

Google Earth provides another picture of a very round planet contour 24,000 miles in diameter.

Don Easterbrook, a geology professor at Western Washington University claims Earth has stopped warming and begun a cooling trend. Josh Willis, a NASA scientist who tracks how ocean changes relate to climate, says Easterbrook doesn’t really understand what he’s talking about. The rise in ocean temperature and acidity (increase of 30% in the last century) due to burning fossil fuels is beyond doubt.

No, the Earth isn’t cooling, according to Wallace Broecker, a professor at Columbia University. Broecker coined the term “global warming” in 1975.

NASA scientist James Hansen stood before a dozing Congress in June 1988 to declare, “Global warming is a reality.” Hansen was scorned by cohorts and government officials. In 2013, Hansen resigned his government post to devote himself to educating us on the reality of climate change/global warming.

Half of elected officials in 2014 are still climate “contrarians.” To assure denial of reality continues, “The House voted 231-192 to prohibit the Department of Defense from spending any of its 2015 budget on programs that address climate change. A yes vote was to add the prohibition to HR4435 over arguments that climate change affects national security.” (THE ADVOCATE, May 25, 2014) Climate change denial can be legislated in a government dominated by corporations.

Congress overlooked a Pentagon report in November 2004 warning the president” Climate change is a greater threat than terrorism.” That report is available on the Internet.

The Pontifical Academy of Science in Rome issued a significant paper in March 2011 entitled The Fate of Mountain Glaciers in the Anthropocene. Anthropocene means we have emerged from the Holocene geological era begun 10,000 years ago into a new age when humans are now the major driving force of environmental change. The Pontifical document concludes over 400 glaciers are melting from sight.

Sandra Blakeslee of THE NEW YORK TIMES (December 25, 2012) wrote “As forests disappear, examining the mechanisms of their death.” She points out, “Scientists are running a kind of sylvan intensive care unit to investigate dying forests.” She quotes Dr. Nate McDowell, a plant physiologist at the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico: “This time, the rise in temperature is not expected to slow or rebound because it is caused by human activity. It is happening faster than at any time in the geologic record.” Vanishing ocean plankton provide half of Earth’s oxygen along with the rain forests. Exploitation for tar sands oil is destroying an area of boreal forests in Canada equal to the size of Louisiana. Would such devastation be tolerated in “the sportsman’s paradise”?

June marked the 352nd hotter than average temperature dating back to 1985. Heat records were broken on every continent but Antarctica, especially in New Zealand, Australia, Greenland, Central Africa, and south Asia where the Philippine Island area struck by hurricane Hainan in 2013 has not recovered this year. Hong Kong and southern China were struck by another typhoon (“daai fung”, Chinese word for big wind) in July.

How can Congress pass laws banning environmental truths?