During the 1980’s Mordechai Vanunu worked in the Israeli nuclear weapon division of his powerful nation. He was the first in recent decades to break open the secret of Israel’s possession of nuclear weapons. His plan to speak with a reporter from THE LONDON TIMES was interrupted by the Mossad (Israel’s CIA), who whisked him off to trial in Tel Aviv, then sentenced Vanunu to 25 years in Ashkelon prison. He and I exchanged letters on one occasion. It was indeed a pleasant surprise that Vanunu’s letter from Ashkelon was sent on to me in Lafayette. He is now out of prison but not free to leave Israel or speak to journalists.

Rabbi Lerner of Tikkun has been openly pleading with Israel on his web site to end the military action against Gaza that began on July 8.

Amy Goodman of Democracy Now appears every weekday at 7A.M. on LA PBS. July 23rd she interviewed Captain Shapira of the Israeli Air Force. He organized a group of elite pilots who are “refusniks” for rejecting orders to carry out precision bombing in Gaza. Captain Shapira warned against racism and fascism infecting Israel. Democracy Now also introduced a young Israeli woman. She spoke fearlessly of young females who rejected mandatory military service.

Veterans For Peace, based in St. Louis, MO will have to update “THE TRUE COST OF WAR!” dating back to the civil war (no war is “civil”) and up to the war in Iraq when 1.4 million civilians were killed. The total as of Memorial Day 2011 was 1.3 million US military deaths and a staggering 51.2 million civilian deaths over the years.

Israel has been accused of war crimes in attacking schools, hospitals and refugee centers administered by the United Nations. Lobbing rockets into Israel from Gaza will bring danger to Tel Aviv and revenge from the Israeli Defense Force (IDF). A Muslim friend explained to me “Christians, Jews and Muslims are all children of Abraham.” And we all seem to have missed the command “No killing” as found in Deuteronomy and throughout the non-violent message of Jesus.

When The Rivers Run Dry by Fred Pearce contains a chapter on Israel’s 1967 “Six Day War,” Pearce contends 1967 was the first “water war” in history as Israel took control of the Jordan River. Gaza today receives three hours of water every three days. Israeli attacks have destroyed sewage and electricity services in Gaza.

Apart from containing over one million Palestinians in the “largest open air prison in the world” recent discoveries of a huge underground supply of natural gas in Gaza may be yet another reason why Israel is trying to wrest control of a small fraction of land from Palestinian control where valuable energy supplies could be found.

Christians, Jews, Muslims might meditate on the thought of Edna St. Vincent-Milay who said; “I know that I am going to die and that is all I shall do for death.” Israel has only one sympathetic nation that supports it in maintaining the 21st century prison of Gaza.

Children are dying daily in Gaza. Silence is complicity.