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Drinking Pure Water Is A Luxury

Nicrest Thibodeaux, 85 of Crowley, LA returned to our divine Source of purest water on August 18, 2014. His funeral will be held in September when all family members are nearby. As a youth, Mr. Thibodeaux was an engineer who worked for a prominent US chemical corporation. He and his co-workers had instructions to remove [...]

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Is History Is Our Willingness To Do The “Impossible”?

Novelist Thomas Hardy (1840-1928) asked “Who is the moral person?” Responding to himself he educated all of us by stating “The beauty or ugliness of a character lay not only in achievements, but aims and impulse; true history lay not among things done but among things willed.” We, who use telephones daily and seldom deal [...]

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Buffalo Once Roamed In Louisiana

DAILY ADVERTISER editor Bill Decker wrote about vanishing species in our area. L.C. Curby (birth and death years not available) was the latest buffalo hunter who asked to be buried next to the last buffalo which he killed in Louisiana. The dedicated Lafayette Library reference workers determined this closing chapter of a majestic creature occurred [...]

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One Humble WW II Martyr Speaks To Us In 2014

Franz Jagerstatter (1907-1943) was the only person among 5000 in St. Radegund, Austria who refused to enter Hitler’s mandatory conscription after Nazis took over European lowlands. THE NEW YORK TIMES in 1937 reported US and British corporations gave support to Hitler, seeing him as the bulwark of opposition to Soviet Bolshevism that swept across Russia [...]

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We Are All Chosen People

Without doubt, Thomas Berry (1914-2009) is the wisest person I ever met. In recent years, an intense emotional discussion has come to the forefront about “the chosen people.” The question arises: Chosen for what?” I was struck by Berry’s most profound insight for each one of us to ponder. He points out: “Genetically, we are [...]

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Cadillac Deserts Are Gaining Our Attention

Marc Reisner wrote Cadillac Desert to enlighten all of us on how water was stolen from the Owens Valley in the northern part of California, and then sent by pipe to the southern desert area of the state to give rise to Los Angeles and turn the state into one of the largest agricultural areas [...]

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