Nicrest Thibodeaux, 85 of Crowley, LA returned to our divine Source of purest water on August 18, 2014. His funeral will be held in September when all family members are nearby.

As a youth, Mr. Thibodeaux was an engineer who worked for a prominent US chemical corporation. He and his co-workers had instructions to remove the waste materials in scrubbers of smoke stacks on corporate property, and then actually sell it to cities. One day a federal inspector appeared with orders to cease and immediately seal the pipes into which the wastes were being dumped. Mr. Thibodeaux spoke often of his early exposure to toxic materials. How did such work contribute to the cancer he resisted in final years of his eight decades? Every morning he visited the grave in a Crowley cemetery where his wife rests.

Acutely aware of toxicity surrounding us, Mr. Thibodeaux was a strident opponent of the 2008 Louisiana legislation ordering every community over 5000 to put “fluoride” into drinking water. He was overjoyed to learn that Dr. Paul Connet,PhD, a chemistry professor from New York came, without cost to Lafayette in April 2009 and spoke to the City Council. Upon hearing a scientist explain “fluoride” is actually an industrial toxic waste, city officers voted (8-1) to reject the 2008 LA legislation. Every time citizens of Lafayette drink pure geologic Chicot Aquifer water a feeling of gratitude could be sent on to Dr. & Mrs. Ellen Connett for their long struggle to ban a known toxic waste from our water.

Mr. Thibodeaux joined voices with Dr. Connett in saying: “You cannot put the stuff in our ocean; you cannot put it in rivers, bayous or bury it in the ground! Where can you put it? You dump it in our drinking water, telling the people: “It will defeat cavities.” Mr. Thibodeaux & the Connetts request we look at the warning on every tube of toothpaste with fluoride. “If too much is swallowed, report to your physician or to a Poison Control Center.” (Now that you checked, you see the warning.)

A LA city worker gave Mr. Thibodeaux a bag of “fluoride” that carried a bold skull & bones symbol with “TOXIC” clearly marked on the container. Mr. Thibodeaux tried in vain to find a laboratory(s) in Lafayette to examine the contents, then reveal truly what poisons were inside.

With the help of friends, letters were written to every single elected official in the state, warning about fluoride. Not one response came to Mr. Thibodeaux. He struggled on but obtained signatures from hundreds of citizens in his home town of Crowley. City officials would not allow the measure to be placed on the ballot and Crowley citizens continue to ingest water with a taint of industrial wastes.

Dr. Connett and his wife came to speak to the mayor and council members about “fluoride” in a popular Crowley restaurant. Not one city official appeared to hear the scientific truth.

Mr. Thibodeaux had hopes that Louisiana would be the first state to ban legalized poisoning of drinking/bathing water. He survived military duty abroad in WWII, but succumbed to cancer that is linked to areas in which fluoridated water is consumed. (Please see

The battle against ignorance and poison continues for Mr. Thibodeaux from another level. With St. Paul and Mr. “Thib” we say prayerfully:” I have fought the good fight, I have kept the faith, now a crown of righteousness awaits me.” (II Timothy 4:7) In Nicrest’s honor maybe LA will still be the first to reject lethal, legalized poison of our water. May he rest, and work in peace.