Seekers of truth watched DEMOCRACY NOW with Amy Goodman on the day after “9/11” which featured two co-workers of US journalists who were beheaded in the endless Persian Gulf slaughter.

Both guests told Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez the two victims would be angry over the decision by Mr. Obama to beat emotional war drums in Washington where the first ignorant move was made by our illegal invasion of Iraq in 2003.

9/11 was called “the biggest deception in history” by Professor Howard Zinn of Harvard. The tragedy of that day did not originate in Iraq. The first deadly “9/11” occurred in 1973 when the CIA overthrew the Allende government in Chile.

The two decapitated heroic journalists took great risks in reporting warfare. Both were opposed to imperialistic US foreign policy.

Historian Barbara Tuchman in The Guns of August documents how dangerous that month is, beginning with WWI in 1914. “War is the unfolding of unexpected happenings,” she cautioned. Deeper involvement by the US in a region where we do not know the language(s), history or culture will only make Europeans appear to be more of a threat than when France and England carved up the area (Sykes-Picot agreement) after the Ottoman Empire fell in the 19th century.

Mary Beaudoin of WOMEN AGAINST MILITARY MADNESS (Fall 2014) quotes British military strategist T.E. Lawrence (“Lawrence of Arabia) in his 1916 report called The Politics of Mecca:”

“If we can only arrange that this political change be a violent one, we will have abolished the threat of Islam, by dividing it against itself, in its very heart. There will be a Khalifa in Turkey and a Khalifa in Arabia in theological warfare…” (The True History of Lawrence of Arabia SMITHSONIAN, July 2014)

Washington in the grip of the Military-Industrial Complex (Eisenhower warned us of the MIC) sent weapons to both Iran and Iraq during the 1980’s. By instigating two enemies of Israel to slaughter each other, that tiny isolated nation surrounded by millions of Arabs could breathe easier. The USA alone among 195 nations is a supporter of Israel.

Sadly, two victimized journalists cannot tell of their opposition to US foreign policy gone amok. Without the threat of communism, “terrorism” is the new enemy that drives us deeper into debt ($17 trillion) by spending over $1 billion daily on “defense.”

The decapitated journalists might remind us of Orwell’s line: “In an age of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” Gandhi taught his followers: “For me God is Truth.” Gandhi too died in the struggle for freedom fromUS/ European domination that continues in 2014.