In 2014 there are possibly 100,000 people who are 100 years old.

When Roselyn’s mother Eunice Hebert, a widow, reached 100 I told her, “You are the best mother-in-law I ever had.” Still lucid at 100, she asked, “How many such mothers – in-law have you had?”

When Mrs. Hebert turned 107 in September, one friend in Lafayette asked in absent-minded seriousness: “Really, and she is still alive!?!?

Others ask how anyone can live that long. My non-scientific response is:
*She spent her days in the country near Jeanerette
*She breathed pure air
*Drank from a non-contaminated well
*Ate food from their garden
*Ate meat of creatures, including LA wild game, not injected with steroids or chemicals
*Never smoked cigarettes.

Too many people under 100 are succumbing to illnesses in our era. What are we doing to the planet and to ourselves? February 14, 1987 Dr. Peter Raven of the Missouri (St. Louis) Botanical Gardens spoke to 4000 scientists in Chicago. His keynote address was entitled “We are Killing Our World.” – And ourselves?

Dr. Peter Montague, issued a REPORT in RACHEL’s HAZARDOUS WASTE NEWS (#193, August 8,1990) claiming human breast milk was already contaminated with DDT in 1951 (“Occurrence of DDT in Human Milk: Archives of Industrial Hygiene, Vol. 3 – 1951, pgs.245-246)

Dr. Montague cautioned “If breast milk from American women were bottled and sold commercially, it would be subject to ban by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) because it is contaminated with more than 100 industrial chemicals, including pesticides.” The Montague study provides a page of footnotes listing all of the industrial chemicals in breast milk. The report concludes: “These disturbing data are one more reason why the U.S. should begin now to institute a policy of ‘zero discharge’ for all industrial chemicals.” Would LA elected officials accept such a clean plank in their platform?

Before arriving in Lafayette, (1994) I joined a small group for an environmental tour of El Salvador. In the capital San Salvador, Dr. Ricardo Navarro, with degrees from Washington University (St. Louis) and Purdue welcomed, and then warned us in perfect English:
*”You will get sick if you breathe our air
*You must not drink our water
*You will become ill if you eat food from our table
*You are in danger if you preach the Gospel.” He was referring to six Jesuits who were murdered in November 1989 by Salvadorean government troops trained in the School of the Americas (Fort Benning, GA).

Pope Francis might incur the wrath of believers when he issues a statement on care of the environment very soon. It is essential to preach about care of Earth in every religion. If not, children might be harmed by chemicals in breast milk. Rachel Carson summarized our scene succinctly: “We are the first generation to be threatened by chemicals from the moment of conception until the hour of death.”

Mrs. Hebert was poisoned only by crop dusters spraying chemicals nearby. Music was provided for her 107th at Maison Teche nursing home. May we all be free from toxins surrounding Earth.