Jim Douglas was a teacher at the University of Hawaii in the 1960’S AND 1970’s. He is the author of JFK and the Unspeakable. It was my privilege to have carefully read Jim’s book as a signed gift from a historian and biblical “peacemaker.” Jim Albertini continues as a peacemaker in Hawaii.

When filmmaker Oliver Stone appeared on the David Letterman show, he was carrying the book written by Douglas. Letterman asked if Stone was bringing that book because of possible boredom during the interview. Stone responded, “This is one of the most important books I have ever read and I wish everyone in the US would read it.” ORBIS Press in New York had 60,000 hits the following day requesting the book about Kennedy and the Cuban crisis.

Douglas quoted Kennedy who said, “I want to smash the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it to the winds.” JFK was the last president to challenge the CIA.

We might thank LA Public Broadcasting (PBS) for showing the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis documentary recently. The superb, frightening drama tells how Kennedy, Kruschev and Fidel Castro were the “major players” in what could have been the worst environmental disaster ever to befall Earth. As J. Robert Oppenheimer, one of the atomic bomb designers warned, “The next nuclear exchange (following August 1945) could involve dozens, perhaps hundreds of nuclear weapons.” The PBS documentary explained how Kruschev and JFK both “blinked” by secretly agreeing to withdraw Russian missiles from Cuba while the US pulled its missiles out of Turkey.

Air Force General Curtis LeMay described JFK’s decision not to attack Cuba (and soldiers of the former USSR) with B-52, B-47 bombers “a great mistake.” The “unspeakable” gestures of Kennedy were to negotiate with Kruschev and also to denounce the CIA. Kruschev’s son Sergei said his father did not want to be recorded in history as one of the world leaders who initiated the demise of civilization as we know it.” Would there be historians left to write if the 1962 crisis detonated into the third use of nuclear weapons? Who would have survived to read human history in ashes?

Paul Craig Roberts served in the US Treasury Dept. of President Ronald Reagan. Roberts continues his critical viewpoint on the path of history in which we find ourselves today. Roberts believes the US wants a conflict with Russia. What would US attitudes be like if Edward Snowden was not sheltered by Russia?

Is it time to examine all arsenals to perceive how much more dangerous history has become since the Cuban missile crisis? September 5, 2014 a private plane left Rochester, NY with plans to land in Naples, Florida. The pilot(s) lost control of the plane which ventured into Cuban air space. US jet fighters tried to contact the pilot(s) in order to avert an incident with Cuban military planes. Sadly, the plane crashed near Jamaica. A New York developer and his wife were in the doomed plane.

The bombs that destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki were small kiloton (thousands of tons) widgets. The world of 2014 is cluttered with megatons (millions of tons) One megaton is a freight train going from St. Louis, MO to Kansas City, 300 miles west, loaded with TNT.

September 2014, Russia has 8,300 city/country destroying weapons. The US has 7,300. France – 300, China – 250, Britain – 225, Pakistan – 120, India – 110, Israel – 80 and North Korea – 10.

Former University of Hawaii Dean of Education William Boyer wrote in his 1972 book Education For Annihilation:
”Every institution in which we now live is obsolete because they are pre-atomic in nature.” Will every civic and religious institution soon decide to reduce and eliminate weapons that could terminate life for all on Earth? Ending history is unspeakable while eliminating nuclear weapons is most reasonable.