The US National Park Service knows without doubt lighthouses along the Atlantic and Pacific had to be moved back from coast lines because a determined rising ocean is lapping away at the foundation upon which such impermeable structures stand. Cape Hatteras (North Carolina) lighthouse is the most recognized and visited historical structure. The famous lighthouse had to be moved westward or eventually it would be swallowed by a determined Atlantic ocean.

U.S. NEWS AND WORLD REPORT of June 1, 2012 related passage of legislation in the North Carolina government characterized as “Sea Level Denial bill.” On June 4, 2012 Stephen Colbert was quick to make a satire “The Word – Sink or Swim?” exhibiting humorous amazement over the rising ocean denial bill in North Carolina.

As lighthouses have prevented shipping  disasters over centuries, now they serve as beacons of warning to governments globally that Earth cannot hold back a rising ocean which  envelopes three fourths of our  planet. Island nations are small voices among nearly 200 countries that have formed an Association of Small Island Nations. Will coastal leaders (including officials in Florida and Louisiana) reject denial of reality found in North Carolina and dare to form politically powerful groups? New York City was shut down by hurricanes and storm surges in 2011 and 2012. Wall Street does not appreciate closing the Stock Exchange at any time. Corporate CEO’s with a modicum of common sense know there is no way to prevent a warming, rising ocean other than radically changing our 150 – year dependence on fossil fuels. Carbon dioxide records, (now over 400 parts per million) and  the rising ocean level do not lie. Earth and ocean will have the final word.