President Bush was adamant in rejecting climate change and global warming as threats to the planet.
In November 2004 the Pentagon issued a report declaring “Global warming is a greater threat than terrorism.” The Pentagon warning received little publicity and is all but forgotten. Ten years later the lesson had to be repeated.
With the warming process comes a rising ocean level. Norfolk, Virginia hosts the largest navy base in the world. The US Navy knows it is powerless to prevent a rising Atlantic from encroaching upon the massive base and historic city where navy personnel tip toe through the puddles as water from storm surges remind them of what is occurring globally. No coastal region is safe from a rising ocean.

Again in 2014 the Pentagon issued another report on Adaptation to Climate change. The military analysts logically see global realities as a threat to our security. With military outposts in over 100 nations, Pentagon planners know US bases on Okinawa, Diego Garcia and other vulnerable locations cannot ignore threats from climate catastrophes. A melting air strip in McMurdo base of Antarctica renders the base useless from nature gone amok. Nor is it just a matter of melting ice.