Premier Xi (pronounced Shi) Jin Ping and President Obama, as heads of state for the two biggest climate warming nations in the world recently agreed to reduction of carbon dioxide emissions in this century. Their hope is staving off climate catastrophes in our future. Australians will recall temperatures of 125 degrees last summer.

Climate change was at the top of the agenda where nations met at the G20 conference in Australia.

Meanwhile, back in Washington, GOP leaders with several Democrats approved the Keystone XL pipeline by a vote of 252-161 on Friday, the 14th of November. The proverbial ball is back now in Mr. Obama’s court. He has indicated a presidential veto of the controversial pipeline bringing highly polluting tar sands oil to Port Arthur, Texas across the Mississippi, by way of Wood River and Patoka, Illinois for refining.

Perhaps growing concern over climate change globally and the KXL vote in Washington led hundreds of protesters to a popular beach in Sydney, Australia where they stood on their buried heads in the sand then gestured disagreement with their feet over the political disconnect between scientists who warn of global climate catastrophes and politicians who appear to be in the pockets of Carbon Combustion Complex (CCC) executives. It is a public record of how handsomely politicians were paid by the Koch brothers and energy firms to promote the KXL pipeline .Climate change might mean nobody will have jobs in the future.

Canadian journalist Naomi Klein describes her president Stephen Harper as a “climate criminal” and adds to the chorus of opponents in her book This Changes Everything that the KXL pipeline will be passing through the New Madrid (MO) fault, one of the most dangerous sites in the nation that erupted in 1812. An earthquake that once made the Mississippi flow northward is long overdue seismologists believe. Such a powerful display by Mother Earth would splinter a finely tuned KXL pipeline and send thick oil into the Olgallala aquifer which provides for agriculture and millions in the heartland.

An October 2014 ruptured pipeline and oil spill of several thousand barrels near Mooringsport, LA has been kept from public awareness with good reason. Pipelines are always a hazard.

Will our elected officials in Washington allow TRANSCANADA’s pipeline to invade the US heartland? Stephen Harper and energy CEO’s have desecrated Alberta’s Native American land and a pristine boreal forest the size of Louisiana (54,000 square miles) to extract tar sands oil.

Will Mr. Obama have the gumption to reject KXL?