Sean Sweeney, a researcher from Cornell University was asked about the KEYSTONE XL job promises for Louisiana in a public hearing on his analysis of the KXL pipeline, now hotly discussed in national politics.

When Sweeney was asked how many jobs would be lost in LA if KXL was rejected, he laughed and said, “I do not think KXL goes through that state.” Sweeney added “It is not about jobs for Louisiana. KXL  is for furthering the cause of our fossil fuel industry.”

An ABC interview (11/16/14) with Russ Girling, CEO of TRANSCANADA indicates that company would be the big winner if KXL was approved. Girling said to ABC:” There would be 50 permanent jobs, there would be 9,000 temporary jobs and 40,000 ‘indirect jobs’.”

Will LA officials address the matter of KXL employment for the state?

Senator Foster Campbell (D of Bossier City) had to correct one NEW YORK TIMES article of 2013 in which the writer said “There are 30,000 miles of pipelines crisscrossing Louisiana.” I phoned the senator to verify that figure. Senator Campbell hastened to clarify the miles. He promptly told me. “There are now 50,000 miles of pipelines in Louisiana.” An April 2000 flyer from his office depicts the pipelines crossing Louisiana. In 2000 there were only 40,000 miles of LA gas and oil pipelines in the state. Senator Campbell’s office number is 318-746-2078. All LA citizens will benefit from seeing the extent of pipelines that have lacerated this state.  However, Alberta, Canada is losing 54,000 square miles (same land size for LA) of pristine boreal forests that are being devastated by tar sands excavation for which KXL is the conduit to Port Arthur, Texas.

Native Americans of Canada fought the pipeline and are now rejoicing in the failure of KXL to be approved by the US senate. One person in attendance broke out in song upon hearing the final vote. Secretary of the senate chamber Elizabeth Warren had to appeal for order.

The center for Biological Diversity issued a report stating: “In the past year and four months there were 372 gas and oil leaks, spills and other incidents. Since 1986 there have been 8,700 mishaps, 300 yearly.”

In comprehensible figures, there is an accident involving pipelines every thirty hours. We hear little of the recent spill near Mooringsport, in north Louisiana. Over 4000 barrels of oil are reported to have been spilled in that incident. Economically poor people are too tired to take on corporations.

Since the KXL pipeline has already begun and steel pipes have been ordered from India, how can the massive multi-billion project be reversed?

In the 1980’s the Dept. of Energy (DOE) authorized billions for the Superconducting Supercollider (SSC) to be built in Waxahachie, near Dallas. After spending over $1 billion on excavation for the underground tunnel, residents expressed so much opposition that the SSC was suddenly stopped. Fire ants attacked the beginnings of what would be another unwise plan vigorously opposed by residents of that area.

KXL and the SSC could be two more examples of how common sense defeated corporations that could not see our living Earth and intelligent citizens could defeat blatant greed.