Having broken another spending record in the 2014 midterm elections, political observers feel justified in describing our system as a certified “plutocracy” in which elected officials become marionettes of big corporations that pour millions into their campaigns. TV networks love expensive pleas for votes.

Will any politician deny being paid handsomely by supporters of the KXL pipeline stretching from Alberta, Canada down to Port Arthur, Texas? Did any backer of KXL acknowledge the pathway would be going right through the most ominous earthquake zone in the Midwest known as the New Madrid (MO) fault? The last eruption in 1812 was powerful enough to make the Mississippi flow north. CEO’s desire for oil revenues occludes geological common sense. An overdue eruption would splinter the mighty KXL sending oil into the Olgallala aquifer, a major source of water for two million people and farms in the heartland. Seismologists believe an eruption is long overdue.

John Schwartz of THE NEW YORK TIMES wrote about our state of Louisiana suing oil companies for devastation of LA coastlands (July 25, 2013). That legal battle will continue during what Thomas Berry calls “The Petroleum Interval.” KXL was called “end game for our climate” by NASA scientist James Hansen. Mr. Obama may yet veto what politicians marinated in oil propose to push through quickly.

Those who represent Louisiana know state land mass is 51,843 square miles. Native Americans and other Canadians who oppose excavation of tar sands oil know their leader Stephen Harper and TRANSCANADA are desecrating a pristine boreal forest area of 54,000 square miles. Angry residents of Canada who oppose KXL are preparing to place their bodies before heavy equipment that rips their sacred land asunder. Photographer/writer Ed Stduzik, a journalist/photographer for the YALE ENVIRONMENTAL REVIEW (March 27, 2014) concludes “less than one square mile of land exploited for tar sands has been reclaimed.”

What if our scientific imagination allowed a mega corporation to excavate the entire 51,000 square miles of “The Sportsmen’s Paradise” in search of a commodity deemed necessary for insatiable energy demands? Would senators or representatives of the second poorest state of the union tolerate such a corporate invasion?

We need not risk toxic threats to our health by going to Alberta, Canada. NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC journalists have already made that personal sacrifice to help us view through their reports see what KXL has already done to one environmental sacrifice zone of Canada.

Will US politicians continue to fulfill the prophecy of Chief Seattle who predicted (European ancestors) will “foul their own nest?”