Dollarocracy by John Nichols is a book that describes how money is poured into US politics to elect officials who will in turn enhance the profits of sponsoring corporations and their CEO’s.
A quick check of FORBES 500 indicates the richest entities in 2014 are corporations, not countries. Without doubt, oil and gas firms united plus automobile corporations dominate our global economy.

Carbon dioxide levels measured daily at the Mauna Loa research center on the big island of Hawaii recorded CO2 levels went beyond 400 parts per million(ppm) in May 2013. is a citizens’ organization, backed by scientists such as NASA’s James Hansen. Ninety seven percent of climate scientists stress 350ppm of carbon dioxide is a possible “safe” level” for our future on Earth. Pre-industrial carbon dioxide level was 280 ppm. Rising levels of carbon dioxide are reminiscent of an age 55 million years ago. If we return to unlimited releases of carbon dioxide on Earth, climate scientists warn of another inhospitable Paleo-Ecocene Thermal Maximum (PETM).

Climate Wars by Gynne Dyer explains – “The PETM episode was caused by the sudden release of between three hundred billion and three trillion tons of fossil carbon, probably mostly in the form of methane gas from the clathrate deposits in the North Atlantic….At any rate, the result was that the early Ecocene world, which was already somewhat warmer than ours is today, with no ice at either pole, experienced a runaway heating of almost 6 degrees Celsius over a period of only twenty thousand years.” (p.25)

While the vast majority of scientists agree on climate change as a threat to our future, contrarians who deny such conclusions are abundantly present in Congress.

Mitch McConnell, 72 years of age, is from the coal mining state of Kentucky. In his “fourth quarter” as a public servant, how could he, as leader of the US Senate act in opposition to an industry that is so vital to his constituents? What does the senator mean by promotion of an “energy revolution”? How can elected officials ignore climate scientists and even the Pentagon’s warning of November 2004 that “Global warming is a greater threat than terrorism.”?

A Carbon Combustion Complex (CCC) is the dominant economic force in our Anthropocene age where we exert influence never known in human history. EXXON CEO Rex Tillerson earns $100,000 daily in his retirement. He had the integrity to admit global warming is a threat caused by humans, but “we will adapt.” Is Tillerson’s Florida residence safe from a rising sea level?

The Military Industrial/Technological/Congressional Complex (MIC), of which Dwight Eisenhower warned in 1961, now consumes $2 billion each day as we engage in more wars over control of territory and resources. The Defense Department is the largest consumer of oil in the world. The US has over 100 military installations globally. Without fossil fuels, the empire cannot survive.

Our sacred ocean is the largest depository of carbon dioxide on Earth. Coral reefs are dying from carbon dioxide and warming. Carbonic acid (H2CO3) results from the excessive output of carbon dioxide. A “victory” for fossil fuel corporations will initiate further threats to an ocean upon which we all depend for survival. Costeau observed, “Our ocean and air are the most important fluids for survival. We have turned them into garbage dumps.”

Will the 2014 mid-term “victory” improve the Physical Quality of Life Index (PQLI) for our children?