The hull of every ship has a painted Plimsoll line. If the water level goes above that line, there is a clear warning the ship is in fact sinking.

Viewed from outer space, is there an imaginary Plimsoll line indicating the level of carbon dioxide below which Earth should not fall?

NASA scientist James Hansen and other climate scientists believe 350 parts per million (ppm) of carbon dioxide is a possible “safe” level of carbon dioxide for the well-being of planet Earth. Anything beyond that will bring on excessive global warming. The carbon dioxide monitoring station on Mauna Loa, Hawaii registered 400ppm over one year ago. 2014 will be the warmest year recorded in human history. In December, China added its concern by reporting melting of glaciers near the border with Tibet. The Fate of Mountain Glaciers in the Anthropocene is a study of 400 vanishing glaciers issued in March 2011 by the Pontifical Institute of Rome. It relates an undeniable scientific fact that glaciers have fallen below the Plimsoll line in the Anthropocene when humans dictate our future.

Ships are saved from going below the Plimsoll line by not adding more weight to the vessel. Earth can be protected by not heaping on more tons of carbon dioxide. Humans are now the captains of Earth in peril and we are urged by nature to lighten the burden of carbon dioxide soon.

Our future depends upon turning to endless renewable energy sources. The leading nations are:
1) Sweden
2) Norway
3) Costa Rica
4) Germany
5) Denmark
6) Switzerland
7) Austria
8) Finland
9) Iceland
10) Spain
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