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Earth and Ocean Are Our Best Teachers

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, (1881-1955) was a brilliant paleontologist and Jesuit priest who wrote “Earth is infallible” in his book What I Believe. “Infallible” is a word thinking beings use sparingly. However, since childhood, many know when nature is sending signals we ignore them at our own peril. If weather experts, climatologists and oceanographers translate [...]

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Just What Might Our New Secretary Of Defense Be Thinking?

While millions of US citizens are preoccupied with shopping and social demands of the holiday season, another Secretary of Defense had to be chosen after Chuck Hegel was abruptly dismissed by the White House. President Obama nominated Ashton Carter as the new leader of our Department of Defense. Should we not be paying closer attention [...]

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Will The Peru Climate Gathering Bring Us More Safely Into The Third Millennium?

Thomas Berry (1914-2009) was the wisest person I ever met. Our friendship lasted twenty years. The faculty of Southern Methodist University (SMU) in 1990 invited Berry to speak about our common future. Berry addressed a full Dallas auditorium without a note. He said in clear terms: “We are terminating the Cenozoic (meaning “most recent” geological [...]

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