Latin American and Caribbean nations met in Tlateloco, Mexico on February 14, 1967 to sign a historic agreement that bans nuclear weapons from the entire continent. As the matrix of atomic/nuclear weapons, the United States would not applaud such a courageous diplomatic initiative by neighboring nations to the south.

The boldest moves by peace groups in the US were ”Nuclear Free Zone” declarations made in US cities and communities. One contemplative convent in Ossining, NY posted such a sign, but it “vanished.”

New Zealand declared itself “Nuclear Free” in 1987. The Labor government of John Muldoon knew such a decision would alienate the US because nuclear weapons bearing warships of the Navy would not be permitted to enter ports of the small island nation. The US Congress retaliated with passage of the Broomfield Act. The status of New Zealand was downgraded from “ally” to “friend” and an economic embargo by Washington caused the downfall of Muldoon’s government in a nation with more sheep than its three million people at that time.

The former Soviet Union (USSR) imploded in 1989 after spending billions on building up a defense against the USA during Cold War decades of Mutual Assured Destruction (MAD). From my visit to Camp H.M. Smith in Honolulu, I learned the US once had 40,000 targets in the USSR even though there were only 200 cities with over one million people. Mikhael Gorbachev announced, “I am going to deny you an enemy.” And he observed, “Now there is only one superpower standing.” How stable is the US?

Gorbachev did not envision the rapid rise of China, nor did he dream of Edward Snowden releasing secret documents about massive spying upon US citizens and foreign leaders.

Gasoline prices in 2014 fell below $3 because of the glut of oil in our global economy. Oil is no longer selling at $100 per barrel. Russia has an “energy economy” with its major export being oil and gas. A recession may result from falling oil prices. No nation can tolerate more economic suffering.

The United States is poised to become the leading producer of oil, outpacing even Saudi Arabia.

With Mr. Putin poking his finger in the eye of President Obama and the CIA by granting asylum to “whistleblower” Edward Snowden, could it be the design of US government officials to cripple the Russian economy a second time? More oil than bombs will harm Russia also.

Viewed from the stratosphere for centuries to come, scientists know with certitude carbon dioxide from fossil fuels are wounding our ocean. If the ocean continues to warm, rise and become more acidic, seven billion people with all creatures on Earth will suffer along with the dying ocean. “Where there is no intelligence, there is no stupidity” (Hallstrom Chronicle). Our collective future is more dependent upon a healthy ocean than graduates of Harvard or London School of Economics.