Franciscan Father Richard Rohr observed, “The incarnation of Jesus has been celebrated globally on December 25th for over 2000 years. However, the first incarnation actually occurred over 4 billion years ago with God’s creation.

How few look upon creation as the first divine intervention in history.

Richard Rohr and thousands of others have been exposed to the prophetic vision of Thomas Berry (1914-2009). Berry was a personal friend since he invited me to lunch in May 1989. In a Yonkers, NY Greek restaurant we had a three-hour banquet which was more like a university seminar. Over our lengthy friendship, Berry helped me envision Earth’s birthday some 4.5 billion years ago. Humans did not appear on the scene until 10,000 years ago. If we place the human story alongside an unfolding planetary history of four billion years, the human drama did not appear until December 31 ,, only a few seconds before midnight.

Thomas Berry is a prophet who cautioned a full auditorium of professors and students of Southern Methodist University in 1991: “We are terminating the Cenozoic (Greek for “most recent”) geological age going back 70 million years.” Not one person present rose to object during the Q& A session with Thomas Berry. He coined a new word – “ecozoic” – in which humans will perceive all of us will live in cooperation with the non-human world, so that we might survive.

“SURVIVAL is our single goal right now” Berry wisely reminds us.

Shortly after WWII ended, designers of the atomic bomb joined scientists in publishing the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists. I have been following the BOAS faithfully since the 1960’s. On each cover there is a “Doomsday Clock” which denotes midnight as the hour of nuclear conflagration. When the former Soviet Union imploded in 1989 from spending billions on weapons to defend themselves from the USA, the BOAS clock went safely to fifteen minutes before midnight. Now the minute hand is ominously only five minutes from midnight.

It is too clear for many observers that another “Cold War” is now occurring.

Christians, Jews, Muslims are all children of Abraham who are failing to perceive the biblical message about acceptance of and loving enemies. Gandhi read Matthew V every day and invites us to do so also so we might protect future generations from the third use of atomic/nuclear weapons. We can hold back the minute hand from midnight if we only wake up in time.

“Where there is no intelligence, there is no stupidity.” (Hellstrom Chronicles)

Will we learn from non-humans to rely more upon precious instinct and imagination in 2015?