You May Smell But Not See An Oil Spill

COMMON DREAMS news source of October 19, 2014 reported: “Major Oil Spill Strikes LA” - Threatens water ways, wildlife in Caddo Parish.” THE WALL STREET JOURNAL was quoted in COMMON DREAMS, claiming the Sunoco Mid-Valley spill was perhaps the major oil mishap of the year in the US. Friends in Louisiana seemed to know nothing [...]

Will Pentagon Prophetic Predictions Be Respected By A Slumbering Nation?

President Bush was adamant in rejecting climate change and global warming as threats to the planet. In November 2004 the Pentagon issued a report declaring “Global warming is a greater threat than terrorism.” The Pentagon warning received little publicity and is all but forgotten. Ten years later the lesson had to be repeated. With the [...]

Elected Officials Attempt To Vote Commands For The Atlantic To Cease Rising

The US National Park Service knows without doubt lighthouses along the Atlantic and Pacific had to be moved back from coast lines because a determined rising ocean is lapping away at the foundation upon which such impermeable structures stand. Cape Hatteras (North Carolina) lighthouse is the most recognized and visited historical structure. The famous lighthouse had [...]

Where Have All Her Classmates Gone?

When Eunice Blanchard Hebert (August 27, 1907 – September 27, 2014) was buried on October 1st, Fr. Jody Simoneaux gave a warm eulogy for her in St. John’s church of Jeanerette, LA where Mrs. Hebert spent her century and seven years of life. In his farewell message Fr. Simoneaux quipped: “Where are all her classmates?” [...]

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Why Would One Pilot Wear An Eye Patch?

During eighteen months at the University of Hawaii preparing to teach English in China by means of a course called English as a Second Language (ESL) I learned more about the nuclear tight wire upon which we all live. One evening in 1980 a military officer in Honolulu visited our small group of friends and [...]

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Hawaii, The 50th STATE Became First In Climate Awareness

As New York City prepares for a global climate gathering on September 20th, it is our timely moment to recall on September 30. 2013 Hawaii became the first sub-national government to sign on to the Majuro Declaration. The Majuro statement flowed from island nations now threatened by climate change and a rising ocean. Hawaii is [...]

Happy 107th Birthday To Mrs. Eunice Hebert

In 2014 there are possibly 100,000 people who are 100 years old. When Roselyn’s mother Eunice Hebert, a widow, reached 100 I told her, “You are the best mother-in-law I ever had.” Still lucid at 100, she asked, “How many such mothers – in-law have you had?” When Mrs. Hebert turned 107 in September, one [...]

Beheading Truth For Going To War Again

Seekers of truth watched DEMOCRACY NOW with Amy Goodman on the day after “9/11” which featured two co-workers of US journalists who were beheaded in the endless Persian Gulf slaughter. Both guests told Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez the two victims would be angry over the decision by Mr. Obama to beat emotional war drums [...]

Mental Health And Basic Human Rights

Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961) said, “The foundation of mental illness is our unwillingness to experience legitimate suffering.” Dr. Scott Peck began his book The Road Less Travelled with a simple truth: “Life is difficult.” During the 1970’s I discovered thousands of people who were squatting (illegally) on the ground or 30,000 on rooftops among Hong [...]

Is Being First In Something The Best For Earth?

NASA scientist James Hansen was the first government official with the knowledge and courage to appear before Congress in June 1988 and declare “Global warming is a reality.” Being first among his peers was good for Hansen’s biography. Prophets throughout history along with Hansen have been vilified and rejected. Many were killed. Hansen is courageous [...]

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