As a “Lame Duck” president and a five-star general Dwight Eisenhower warned everyone in 1961 of the Military Industrial Complex (MIC) colossus with the authority of a military man.

Ronald Reagan in the twilight years of his reign harrumphed, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down that wall.”

Somehow, we escaped global catastrophe from a nuclear conflagration during the Cold War.

Barack Obama boldly crosses swords with a former KGB man who is a mirror image of former Russian czars. Power, prestige and possessions will thoroughly corrupt many leaders in history. We are not excluded from that fact.

As sanctions are hurting the Russian economy, how can we forget Russia is an exporter of energy to European nations? Mr. Putin is one of the wealthiest potentates in the world. FRONTLINE researchers (January 13, 2015) estimate his wealth at $40 billion. If Mr. Putin is squeezed by US and European leaders, he can put simply his wealth in foreign banks, then make numerous nations shiver by shutting off the Russian Gazprom flow of gas to vulnerable nearby countries. More tension looms.

Mr. Obama, in his final years of office must be aware of January demonstrations in all fifty states against the Keystone XL pipeline stretching from Alberta, Canada to Port Arthur, Texas. 500,000 personal messages were sent to the White House urging Mr. Obama to veto the KXL pipeline.

Regardless of his final decision on KXL, the Carbon Combustion Complex (CCC) is more powerful than the MIC. The MIC and Prison Industrial Complex (PIC) holding over one million behind bars in the USA, are totally dependent upon energy from the CCC. FORBES 500 lists top energy and auto companies.

If KXL is negated, the energy giants of the world, including Gazprom, must still make the gradual transition from fossil fuels to global dependence upon renewable energy sources. Or more wars will come.

World history is at a crossroads in this century. Carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuels passed 400 parts per million in May 2013 for the first time in human history. Such a cosmic chemical imbalance is killing the ocean upon which our future depends. The journal SCIENCE and THE NEW YORK TIMES in January 2015 both carried information on the precipice where we now stand. A Lame Duck decision to reject KXL might be followed by personal determination to go from fossil fuels to renewable energy. Dr. Griff Blakewood, PhD struggled for decades in the USL Lafayette, LA Department of Renewable resources to make his dream a reality. Dr. Blakewood returned to God in 2014 but his spirit moves us all, presidents included. Falling oil prices may be a signal from Mother Earth that more carbon dioxide is not tolerable to life on a finite planet. Billions of tons already absorbed are crippling our ocean.

“Sea changes” in history flow from transformation of consciousness.