Kathy Kelly (1953 – ) and Susan Lindauer (1963 – ) are two women in legal difficulty with the US government for their peaceful, truth-filled lives of opposition to drone attacks and deaths of civilians in small foreign nations.

Kathy Kelly and I were invited during the 1980’s to speak in Kansas City, MO schools on the subject of non-violence. Kathy’s home is in Chicago where her apartment on Argyle Street is also the address of her organization known as Creative Voices for Nonviolence. The earlier title was Voices in the Wilderness, but US government intervention forced a change of names in order to continue the path of peacemaking. Kathy has made numerous trips to Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan over twenty years. When her life slows down, she can personally recount the damage done by our nation to other countries we have destroyed. US aggression is based on specious claims looming attacks will flow from Asian nations and they are the origin of a 9/11 attack in New York.

Any person willing to devote two hours and twenty minutes in viewing Core Of Corruption or listen to Architects/Engineers For 9/11 Truth will conclude truth has been twisted by the Defense Department, Israel, Britain and Pakistan so that “terrorism” will replace a Cold War enemy that imploded in 1989. If an enemy is absent, how will we justify spending $2 billion daily on “defense?” The US leads the world in spending 39% of $2 trillion globally on warfare.

Kathy Kelly has been incarcerated 70 times in her peaceful protests against US military activities abroad.
Whiteman AFB is located near Knob Noster, MO. B-1 bombers from the mighty base can take off from Missouri, fly across Afghanistan in 45 minutes at 900 mph, drop their “ordnance” then fly back to Missouri for evening cocktails and dinner. Drones are also directed from Whiteman.

To this center of destruction Kathy Kelly and another woman approached the base entrance with hopes of a dialogue with the commander. The two women, carrying loaves of bread, expressed a desire to “break bread” with the officer or officers and discuss the moral issue of drone attacks that kill civilians.

Both women were arrested for “crossing the line” close to the front entrance. Mr. Henry Stoever serves as the lawyer for both defendants. The prosecuting attorney for the military declared “Kathy Kelly is in need of rehabilitation.” As of early January, she is awaiting the final decision regarding the penal institution where she will spend three months.

Susan Lindauer’s life story reads like a novel in Extreme Prejudice. She was a CIA “asset” who warned US government officials months in advance of the 9/11 attack. Lindauer was taken to Carswell military base in Texas and subjected to interrogation. My autographed copy of her book is marked numerous times.

As an incentive to reading her lengthy book, Lindauer records the second heart transplant in history was performed in Iraq – before we destroyed the nation (p.60)

Following the history of Kelly and Lindauer, I thought of a Carmelite priest on his 50th Jubilee Year. “The first 24 years of his life Peter was called to defense of his country against Nazi-Fascism. It took him the next 20 years to see the hidden face of fascism in his own beloved country. Peter has not stopped denouncing the same evil in US foreign policy.” (Taken from the anniversary card)