Sunday the 15th found Lafayette, LA inundated with thousands of tourists in a city of 100,000+ less prone to street violence than New Orleans. The coupling of Valentine’s Day and Mardi Gras turned THE ADVOCATE and DAILY ADVERTISER into at least ten pounds of information related to festivities, sports and shopping. “Let the good times roll” helps residents of one of the poorest states in the union through another hard week in a calendar year with more than 365 festivals. Thousands pour into Lafayette from other states.

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and Common Dreams are news sources that contain a global perspective. BBC and Common Dreams are less attractive to a US audience dumbed down by “thought lite” on narcotizing television flowing into our lives since the 1950’s.

In contrast to nearly twelve pounds of papers on February 15th, Common Dreams featured twelve threats to our common future with Global Perspectives. Anyone interested can search out the subject matter on a computer. One pound of Mardi Gras news would easily allow for a summation of twelve threats to our future. The foremost threat listed in the research paper was climate change.

Brian Williams was “benched” for six months because he was not totally sincere in reporting news from the war front in Iraq. NBC thus saved millions of dollars deducted from his $75 million yearly salary. He and other reporters are willing to be “embedded” with our troops in foreign wars. If in bed with someone, dare such a person be brutally honest? Would they dare to report how children among many civilians are bomb and drone victims of war? Would reporters such as Williams dare to say the US has invaded sixteen nations since deceitfulness that brought us into Vietnam?

February 15, 2003 is an anniversary that goes without media coverage when an estimated 15 million people gathered in over 100 countries to demonstrate against Mr. Bush’s war on Iraq. “9/11” did not originate in Iraq. Hellfire was prepared in the 1980’s as the US provided weapons to both Iran and Iraq. If these two nations were killing each other, they would be less of a threat to Israel. The US is feverishly trying to prevent a nuclear Iran while winking (as George Bush likes to do) at nuclear weapons held by Israel. A forthright Helen Thomas lost her privileged journalist’s position at news conferences for daring to ask Mr. Obama if there was any nation in the Persian Gulf with nuclear weapons. Truth is buried.

HOW YOUR LAWMAKER VOTED IN LOUISIANA (THE ADVOCATE) is a weekly political historical record that indicates who is buying influence in Baton Rouge. The Maplight Foundation records amounts of money being paid to elected officials. All eight LA lawmakers (D & R) joined the vote (270-152) KEYSTONE XL PIPELINE, CLIMATE CHANGE approving construction of the pipeline while declaring “climate change is real and not a hoax.”

Maplight reports those who voted (Y) for KXL received $45,278 while a (N) vote provided $3,548.