“How your lawmakers voted: LA tally” – (THE ADVOCATE, Feb. 15, 2015) revealed all Louisiana officials (Steve Scalise, Cedric Richmond, Charles Boustany, John Fleming, Ralph Abraham, Garret Graves, David Vitter, Bill Cassidy) voted “Yes” to send legislation(S1) forward to President Obama approving construction of the Keystone XL pipeline. The first bill from a new congregation of senators passed KXL by a margin of 270-152. President Obama followed through on his intention by vetoing (S1) on February 24th. The veto, however unwelcome, was not a surprise.

International Business Times and Maplight Foundation researchers did a degree of forensic work on KXL and those who supported, or did not vote for the pipeline. Their findings are available to anyone who wishes to corroborate conclusions of IBT and Maplight.

The foremost recipient was Senator Cornyn (R-TX) who received $1 million from oil and gas corporations to support KXL. Senator John Hoeven came in second with $275,998. Third place went to Senator Joe Manchen who received $200,000.

Maplight revealed an average of $250,000 given to 62 senators who voted in favor of the pipeline.

Journalists’ figures boiled down to $45,218 given to those who voted “Yes” and a paltry $3,548 to those officials who did not support KXL.

Following news of President Obama’s veto, one strident supporter of oil and gas in the USA commented, “The defeat of KXL is another example of a broken political system.”(ADVERTISER, Feb. 25th)

A German proverb applies to Washington in the present hour: “Whose bread I eat, his/her song I sing.”