Deliberate Collisions in Life

As New York based students of theology in the 1960’s we enjoyed toying with German phrases such as“weltnschauung” (world view point) or “sitz en leben” (situation in the world) gently poking fun at the German inclination to form big words. However, in March 2015 there was little humor generated by the deliberate crashing of a [...]

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Resurrection As “Violation of Roman Law”

During each Easter season, we seldom if ever hear of “Populusque Senatus Romanum (PQSR) the official seal of Rome’s mighty emperor. The Gospel of Matthew (27:66) states clearly a seal was placed across the tomb from which Jesus arose. As with all official government documents, the seal was a bold red wax affirmation. Illegally opening [...]

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Vanuatu Has a Message for You All on Earth

Vanuatu is a cluster of 70 small islands in the Pacific east of Australia. Over 200,000 people live in a remote region where a category five cyclone named “Pam” struck in mid-March. Over ninety percent of all buildings were damaged by the intense wind according to UN agencies, OXFAM and confirmed by officers from Australian [...]

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Will Banning “Bad Words” Prevent Reality from Occurring?

North Carolina in 2013 issued an edict which forbids use of terms denoting “climate change.” The US National Park Service however is fully aware of the need to move historic light houses such as Cape Hatteras away from the rising Atlantic. Likewise Pacific coast lighthouses are threatened and moved because a rising ocean is lapping [...]

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Veterans for Peace Tally the Cost of War

A Veteran For Peace whom I met twice was the late Admiral Noel Gaylor. He retired after 45 years of active duty in the US Navy. Gaylor was the most forceful speaker against nuclear weapons I ever heard. With great conviction he declared “The only defense against nuclear weapons is to stop building them.” That [...]

Are 40,000 Nuclear Targets Enough?

During 18 months (1970’S) in the University of Hawaii, I read a fine book (1972) by William Boyer, former Dean of the University Of Hawaii Department Of Education entitled Education for Annihilation. Dr. Boyer pointed out “Every institution within which we now exist is obsolete because they are all pre-atomic in history.” Perhaps the Peace [...]

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Israel as Seen by an Honest Israeli Government Servant

Mordechai Vanunu (1954 - ), at the middle of the photo, was a technician in the nuclear program of Israel who was preoccupied with the threat of nuclear warfare. His story will remain hidden because of the false image presented by government officials in Tel Aviv, London and Washington, DC. Fully aware of the presence [...]

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