During 18 months (1970’S) in the University of Hawaii, I read a fine book (1972) by William Boyer, former Dean of the University Of Hawaii Department Of Education entitled Education for Annihilation. Dr. Boyer pointed out “Every institution within which we now exist is obsolete because they are all pre-atomic in history.” Perhaps the Peace Institutes that mushroomed following killings of Kent State university students are exceptions. From the deaths of youths who opposed our involvement in the Vietnam crisis, students are now beginning to study peace as a most valuable subject. Atomic warfare is cataclysmic by nature. Einstein and other scientists regretted involvement in the nuclear folly.

While in Honolulu I also learned the US had 40,000 targets in the former USSR, even though there were only 200 Soviet cities with more than one million people. The USA obviously wanted to annihilate the Soviet Union. The captain of an Air Force plane based in Honolulu wore an eye patch because he would be blinded by the atomic flash in a nuclear war. One privileged eye behind the patch would survive.

An officer in Honolulu openly declared, “I no longer believe in what my own government is doing, but I do not have the courage to act out!” The anonymous officer (now deceased) then made arrangements to drive a group of protesters into Camp H.M. Smith to place ashes on to the walls of the Nuclear War Policy and Plans Office of Camp Smith. “H.M. means “Howling Mad”, a name given to General Smith by his own troops when they were sent to put down an insurrection in the Philippines. Is not 40,000 atomic targets in the USSR another radioactive “howling mad” venture?

The Camp Smith protest occurred on March 4, 1981 during which time Ash Wednesday was commemorated by placing ashes on the walls of a Nuclear War Policy Office. None of those involved were sent to jail because incarceration of protesting Catholic Superintendent of Schools, Monsignor Dan Dever would mean children of military officers would not be attending classes in private Catholic schools. The Pentagon decided to boot opponents of nuclear war off their base and issue ban/bar letters to those who entered. The name of one forthright officer who disagreed with his nation’s war policies will remain forever secret. A God of peace knows and rewards those who resist violence in war.

In August 2013 I met a worker in the Lafayette Brandywine government complex who asked if I ever heard of the “Henry Hub?” I admitted ignorance and learned from the Louisiana resident the “Henry Hub” near Erath, was one of the top ten targets according to KGB spies. If the tiny “Hub” was knocked out, the flow of natural gas to lower 48 states would be curtailed, if not stopped completely.

Rather than dwell on such morbid subjects as 40,000 targets, pilots wearing ”Hathaway eye patches” and destroying a tiny “Henry Hub” we might praise the 1967 Treaty of Tlateloco, Mexico which bans nuclear weapons from all Latin American nations and the Caribbean area. That historic advance is in unison with a treaty banning such horrible weapons from Antarctica. Einstein and all children wait for us to wake from our nuclear stupor. One city/country destroying atomic target indicates extinction.

Every community can declare itself a Nuclear Free Zone. Will Lafayette, LA do so?