As New York based students of theology in the 1960’s we enjoyed toying with German phrases such as“weltnschauung” (world view point) or “sitz en leben” (situation in the world) gently poking fun at the German inclination to form big words.

However, in March 2015 there was little humor generated by the deliberate crashing of a GermanWings/Lufthansa jet plane brought down in the Alps by a troubled co-pilot. His “world view” and “situation in the world” will remain a mystery. The pilot who was locked out of the cockpit while pounding on the door for re-entry knew clearly, the forlorn plane and all on board were destined for an abrupt, tragic ending. Airline CEO’s are being pushed to keep more than one pilot at the controls so that confidence might be regained in airline safety. The only certainty is higher economic cost to the industry for demanding more than one person remain at the controls of a plane. Even if three pilots remain in control, the wise comment of Pastor MacDonald over rules: “It is a greater compliment to be trusted than to be loved.” All pilots might be loveable, but can they be trusted to take off and land safely? Captain Sullenberger was trusted after taking off from La Guardia airport in New York, then minutes later said, “We’ll be coming down in the Hudson river.” Captain “Sully” is the zenith of a trustworthy pilot. Captain Thomas A. Hummert, 28, too was a trustworthy crew member on a USAF B-17 bomber but tragically all died on a mountain in Cuba on May 5, 1945. No one knows the reason for another plane crash.

The Union of Concerned Scientists presented a paper to world leaders in the 1990’s entitled: “Humankind is On a Collision Course with Earth.” The scientists concluded global threats to Earth from pollution of our ocean and soil, climate change, biological stress from a burgeoning population(now seven billion) the scarcity of water/food leading to conflict among those deprived of water the most essential resource in life, and not least, nuclear war over diminishing resources. Denial reigns in government chambers till the present. Florida and North Carolina even legislated against elected officials speaking of “climate change” or “global warming.” The space ship upon which we travel at thousands of miles per second around the Sun is in danger because of our blindness, as Albert Einstein warned.

Harboring regrets for his role in developing an atomic bomb, Einstein’s letter to President Harry Truman remained unopened upon the Commander-in-Chief’s desk at the time of Truman’s death in April 1945. Two small kiloton bombs ordered by Truman destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki on August 6th and 9th, 1945. Since then we have leapt from kilotons to megatons (one megaton is a train from KCMO to St. Louis, 300 miles long loaded with TNT. Our weapons are now city/nation destroying devices.

Dr. Helen Caldecott is an Australian pediatrician who put aside a medical career in order to avert our deliberate descent into global atomic devastation. As pilgrims on Earth, we all have a voice for future generations. No one can lock out our voice for Mutual Assured (MAD) or Self Assured Destruction (SAD)

After the US/CIA overthrow of its government of Iran in the 1950, Iran has remained skeptical of Washington’s offerings/ delegates.

Former US ambassador to the UN John Bolton wrote a column in the NEW YORK TIMES calling for a nuclear strike upon Iran. Another writer expressed the same opinion in THE WASHINGTON POST.

Nuclear scientists writing for the BULLETIN OF ATOMIC SCIENTISTS moved the “Doomsday Clock” (the midnight hour of conflagration) to 11:57 in 2015, Earth’s closest reading since publication began after WWII.

Who can we trust to avoid a deliberate crash between humans and Earth in our future?