Mordechai Vanunu (1954 – ), at the middle of the photo, was a technician in the nuclear program of Israel who was preoccupied with the threat of nuclear warfare. His story will remain hidden because of the false image presented by government officials in Tel Aviv, London and Washington, DC.

Fully aware of the presence of nuclear weapons in Israel, Vanunu was scheduled to meet with a journalist from THE TIMES OF LONDON in 1982.He was snatched by agents of Mossad, the CIA branch of Israel, then taken back to Tel Aviv. He was found” guilty” for intending to tell the journalist of Israel’s nuclear weapons and sentenced to 25 years in Ashkelon prison, Ashkelon, Israel. Eighteen of those years were spent in solitary confinement.

Outrage within the world community forced Israel to release Vanunu, but he cannot leave the country, go near its borders, nor can he speak with journalists. Israel has only one friend in the world.

While in prison in Ashkelon, I wrote a letter of support to the forthright nuclear technician. To my great surprise I received a letter of thanks from him. Since his release, I have discontinued corresponding with Vanunu. On one occasion, a resident of Jerusalem visited our home in Lafayette. Upon seeing a small photo of Vanunu on the wall, the patriotic Israeli exclaimed: “Traitor! Remove that picture!” I quickly replied Vanunu is a hero for me and the photo would remain on our wall.

There are numerous families outside of Israel who would gladly adopt/accept Vanunu into their homes, but Israel will not allow him to leave the country.

Veteran journalist Helen Thomas in 2013 was seated in the front row for a DC press conference. Mr. Obama recognized her for a question.

“Mr. President, can you name one nation in the Gulf area which already has nuclear weapons? ” Mr. Obama could have simply said, “Yes Helen, of course we all know it is Israel,” but he sheepishly trailed off by deflecting the question: “Now Helen, we cannot speculate…” She was never invited again.

Deceitfulness in the nuclear age permeates all nations. Five Security Council members of the UN (Britain, China, France, Russia, and the USA) have set a deplorable record by engaging in the use (1945) testing and expansion of their nuclear programs. All of this proceeds in violation of a 1961 resolution condemning use of such weapons.

Mordechai Vanunu, Helen Thomas and nuclear “whistleblowers” are ignored while the propaganda machine persists in pointing to Iran, Iraq and other nations as threats to our future.

Rose and I have a guest room for Mordechai Vanunu in our home. If Israel ever sets him free.