North Carolina in 2013 issued an edict which forbids use of terms denoting “climate change.” The US National Park Service however is fully aware of the need to move historic light houses such as Cape Hatteras away from the rising Atlantic. Likewise Pacific coast lighthouses are threatened and moved because a rising ocean is lapping at the shorelines.

Cape Hatteras, NC lighthouse is of great significance because over 700 shipwrecks have occurred where the Atlantic meets Gulf waters. Even if elected officials must not speak of a rising ocean or warming waters, engineers for the Park Service know the lighthouses must be moved back from the shore or they will be swallowed by an ocean that has more authority than politicians.

Farther north, Norfolk, Virginia is host to the largest naval base in the world. To where will the mighty US Navy fleet be moved to protect ships from an aggressive ocean? When a rising, warming ocean forces plumbing to back up in Washington, DC, will Congress declare “climate catastrophes” are real?

Hurricanes in our hemisphere are called typhoons (corruption of “Daai Fung”) in the Orient. The Chinese words “Daai Fung” mean “big wind”. When the call/warning is issued by meteorologists in the Philippines, people in the Orient move with haste. During my ten years of exposure to life in Hong Kong surrounded by the South China Sea, it was obvious to US Navy commanders that predictions from the Philippines of a powerful typhoon approaching did not leave any time for denial. The Hong Kong harbor could accommodate as many as 100 vessels. Captains would not deny, but make preparations for a coming storm. Ships of any size made a dash for open waters. Smaller vessels ducked into typhoon shelters. If ship commanders/captains dithered in denial, the mighty wind and ocean would simply lift vessels from the water and plop them on to docks or buildings. Louisiana residents have vivid memories of vessels being driven by hurricanes on to buildings surrounding the Gulf of Mexico.

North Carolina is no longer alone in its state of mysterious denial .THE MIAMI HERALD reported in March that Florida’s governor now forbids the use of such vulgar language as “climate change.”

Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens) is given credit for the phrase: “Denial aint just a river in Egypt.” The BBC of March 13th reported the Egyptian government perceived Cairo is an inhospitable overcrowded urban metropolis. Government plans are being drawn up for constructing another city parallel to the existing one so Cairo’s eight million residents may be better off. The military President Sisi is surviving politically because he has imprisoned the previously elected Muslim Brotherhood president. All is not well in Egypt.

Relocating threatened cities along coastal regions anywhere in the world may be under discussion globally, except in Florida and North Carolina where denial reigns. Who will refute Miami is perhaps the most threatened US city? New Orleans is already twelve feet below ocean level and survives through huge pumps. Will Louisiana too someday issue a ban on “climate change” or “global warming?”