Why Poison Our Drinking Water?

Anyone using toothpaste containing fluoride can take time to read the warning: “If too much is swallowed, consult your physician immediately or go to a POISON CONTROL CENTER.” In 2008 Louisiana passed legislation requiring any community over 5000 to put “fluoride” into the drinking water. A retired ULL engineering professor who has researched the controversial [...]

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When Trees Say Nothing Are We Perceiving Our Future?

When the Trees Say Nothing is one among sixty spiritual books written by Thomas Merton, a Trappist monk, who spent most of his years in a monastery close to nature in rural Bardstown, Kentucky. The book on trees is a collection of his reflections on vanishing nature. A time capsule from the World’s Fair in [...]

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Does King Ethelred “The Unready” Reappear in 21st Century Leaders?

King Ethelred (968-1016) of England was so ineffective that he was acclaimed by historians “Ethelred the unready.” Are world leaders of our era ready or “unready” for the greatest challenges in human history? Earth is now subjected to climate change and global warming in a two fisted punch on our vulnerable planet. In the 1970’s, [...]

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To Save Life on Earth Nuclear Weapons Must Be Abolished

Fifty years ago Pope John XXIII called for abolition of all nuclear weapons. His plea was not a proverbial “voice in the wilderness.” The UN passed a resolution in 1962 that condemns any nation which contemplates use of atomic weapons of mass destruction. The Second Vatican Council in 1963 issued a strident statement denouncing use [...]

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Abolition of Atomic Weapons Has Never Been More Urgent

Shortly after the development and use of atomic weapons in the 1930’s then tragically in August 1945, nuclear scientists, anxious over what they had wrought, began writing the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists (BOAC). Every front cover of the publication carried a “doomsday clock” with midnight denoting the fatal moment that might bring nuclear conflagration/disaster/extinction of [...]

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Peace – 1 War – 0

Common Dreams news source of Good Friday, April 3rd rejoiced in the victory of peace over war as a nuclear agreement was signed between Iran and “coalition” nations. How quickly we forget that Iran is surrounded by over thirty US military installations and a US Navy fleet in the Gulf. Israel, the only nation in [...]

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“The Only Appropriate Public Event for George W. Bush Is His Own Trial”

Hofstra University held a public hearing on the legacy of President George W. Bush in mid-March. Scholar and outspoken heroine Phyllis Bennis of the Public Policy Institute was seated among former government officials at the event. Bennis personified the claim of George Orwell (1903-1950): “In an age of universal deceit, telling the truth is a [...]

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