Fifty years ago Pope John XXIII called for abolition of all nuclear weapons. His plea was not a proverbial “voice in the wilderness.”

The UN passed a resolution in 1962 that condemns any nation which contemplates use of atomic weapons of mass destruction. The Second Vatican Council in 1963 issued a strident statement denouncing use of such weapons (The Church In the Modern World, Paragraph 89)

Global spiritual leaders have clearly recognized extinction of life on Earth would result from the next nuclear exchange. They speak with a global conscience for the abolition of nuclear weapons.

World leaders with foresight have drawn up numerous treaties that already ban city/country destroying weapons.

*The Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty is supported by most nations, including those that possess nuclear weapons. All five members of the UN Security Council (Britain, China, France, Russia, and the USA) must eventually reconcile their possession of nuclear weapons with the declarations calling for abolition of either testing or use of such armaments.
*Nuclear weapons are banned in outer space
*Nuclear weapons are prohibited in Antarctica
*The Treaty of Tlateloco (Mexico) drawn up in 1967 bans nuclear weapons from all Latin, Central American nations and the Caribbean
*Nuclear weapons are banned from the seabed (April 7, 1966 a US hydrogen bomb, missing since a B-52 crash in January was recovered off the Spanish coast)
*Treaty of Rarotonga declared a South Pacific Nuclear Free Zone
*Treaty of Bangkok
*Treaty of Pelindaba – calls for an African Nuclear Free Zone (NFZ)
*Treaty of Mongolia – calls for a NFZ in central Asia
*A treaty bans nuclear weapons on the Moon or other celestial bodies. Nuclear weapons are banned in outer space accordingly.
*Seabed Treaty – bans nuclear weapons on the ocean floor (Source: United Nations Dept. of Disarmament Affairs – UNDODA)

The plea of Pope Francis for banning all nuclear weapons was issued in December 2014.We have miraculously survived Mutual Assured Destruction(MAD) while Self Assured Destruction(SAD) is our alternative until such city/country destroying weapons are abolished. Mass murder lies in our intention to use atomic/nuclear weapons. Bishop Raymond Hunthausen of Seattle prophetically defined nuclear weapons on Trident submarines as the “Auschwitz of Puget Sound.”