“One Does What One Can”

Perhaps it was Aesop (620-564BCE) a Greek master of fables who authored the “Source unknown” story of a little sparrow lying on its back with tiny feet pointed upward because of fear that the sky was falling. A rider on his horse spotted the prone bird and asked why it was in that awkward position. [...]

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Earth Too Might Have A “Kodak Moment”

During eight years (2000-2008) as chaplain of the “gated community” known as Lafayette Parish Correctional Center (LPCC) I’d seen over 1000 residents per month passed through the facility. One Canadian visitor “Rene,” fled our northern neighbor to find some solace in Louisiana’s Cajun heartland. Unfortunately, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (“Mounties”) arrived at LPCC early [...]

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Fossil Fuel Corporations Receive Subsidies to Rule the World

The Age of Stupid is a powerful documentary that helps us perceive corporations rule our world. One segment of the movie flows from Nigeria, a troubled, violent nation known for its abundant oil resources. During an interview with young women near oil contaminated water trying to clean oil from the shrinking number of fish they [...]

Our Lethal Ocean Is Dying to Tell Us Something

When “The Graduate” was a popular movie in the 1960’s, an uncle of the new grad (Dustin Hoffman) said: “I have got just one word for you – PLASTIC.” If there would be a 21st century sequel to that movie, an imaginary rich uncle might say: “I have just one word for you – GARBAGE.” [...]

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Who Is the Most Powerful (Dangerous) Person in the World?

For the second year running FORBES came under criticism for concluding Vladimir Putin surpassed President Obama as the “most powerful person in the world.” Shi Jin Ping of China was given third place by FORBES editors. Does it not take more bravery and power to get out of war than into slaughter? Is this FORBES [...]

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Conscientious Objectors to War Are Forerunners of a Civilized World

May 15th is International Conscientious Objectors day. Albert Einstein was a pacifist who said, “Conscientious objectors are forerunners of a world without war.” The respected anthropologist Ashley Montague believed, “A civilized society is one with compassion.” From a biblical perspective – “WAR BREAKS ALL TEN COMMANDMENTS.” When a US State Department representative was sent to [...]

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Attorney General Caldwell Versus NASA & Global Scientists on Carbon Dioxide Levels

Louisiana Attorney General Buddy Caldwell said, “Carbon dioxide is not poison. It’s something we breathe out.” (“LA joins other states to fight against emissions rule” by Greg Roberts, THE ADVOCATE, April 15, 2015) The laboratory located On Hawaii’s Mauna Loa reported in May 2013 that global carbon dioxide levels had gone beyond 400 parts per [...]

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Appeal for Peace to Womanhood Throughout the World

Mothers’ Day in this century is a far distant observation during which Hallmark cards and restaurants profit. Amid the myriads of loving phone calls to the valiant women who brought us into the world, not much time is given to the 1870 Mothers’ Day Proclamation written by Juliet Ward Howe. “We women of one country [...]

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Now That Taxes Were Paid (April 15th) Where Are Those Billions Going?

Unknown to most of seven billion people in the world is an ongoing meeting in New York City of representatives from 190 nations who are trying to strengthen the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty. The NPT gathering will end May 22nd. There is more coverage of footballs being “deflated” by NFL teams than the future of life [...]

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Our Most Important Abolition Movement in History

Elijah Lovejoy (1802-1837) was an anti-slavery advocate in Alton, Illinois. Alton is north of St. Louis, located on the Mississippi that divides Missouri from Illinois. Slavery supporters beat up the abolitionist on their first attempt to silence Lovejoy. In the second intrusion, his printing press was thrown into the Mississippi river. Lovejoy obtained another printing [...]

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