NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC spares us the expense of travel and exposure to serious health problems by publishing photojournalistic articles on extraction of tar sands oil (bitumen) in the desecrated boreal forest region of Alberta, Canada.

Although the invasion of KXL pipeline from Canada through Midwestern states and the vast Ogallala aquifer has been vetoed by President Obama, Common Dreams news source of April 30, 2015 indicated Prime Minister Harper of Canada and TransCanada are determined to ship tar sands oil by other routes. Having encountered strong opposition from indigenous people of Canada and US citizens in the agricultural heartland, it is obvious that Mr. Harper and magnates of TransCanada are looking for “chinks in the armor” of resistance towards their plan to inundate our planet with highly polluting tar sands oil. Californians will not be quiet if tar sands oil comes their way.

In the absence of personally visiting Alberta, Canada, it is significant to compare the 54,000 square miles of Louisiana to a 54,000 square mile boreal forest territory of Alberta that is still being destroyed by TransCanada’s ‘think tanks’ in their determination to inundate Earth with highly polluting tar sands oil.

Without doubt Governor Jindal and the entire government based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana would not consent to a mega corporation invading 54,000 square miles of “the Sportsman’s paradise” in search of a mineral.

It is foolishly elementary to ask how Mr. Cameron, the Prime Minister of Britain, the House of Lords, members of Parliament, even the Queen of England would allow their entire British land area of 50,000 square miles to be plundered by any corporation. Canada remains a member of the British Commonwealth despite its insensitive violation of indigenous dwellers rights. Non-human creatures falling into extinction for lack of habitat may remind rational beings: we also are a threatened species.

Passivity to desecration of our planet is not a characteristic of Canadian journalist Naomi Klein. Without hesitation, she defines Prime Minister Harper as a “Climate criminal.”

After examination of NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC articles and sad photos of Alberta, Canada under assault by TransCanada, it is essential that we peruse This Changes Everything, the 2014 book by Naomi Klein.

Klein dared to visit the toxic region: “Then up and over a small elevation, there they were: the notorious Alberta tar sands, a parched gray desert stretching to the horizon. Mountains of waste so large workers joke they have their own weather systems. Tailing ponds so large they are visible from space. The second largest dam in the world, built to contain that toxic water. “The earth, skinned alive.” (p. 139)

Not mentioned in Klein’s powerful book is a trivia fact on dams. Three Gorges dam in China is the largest dam in the world. China is now going through an analysis of its economic prosperity in light of a reputation for having many of the most polluted cities on Earth. If tar sands oil is refined, burned, all are threatened. Can the corporate invaders be stopped for the health of future generations?