Can We Elect the Best Louisiana Governor Money Cannot Buy?

Most of my adult life has been spent living within, under unjust, less than honorable political, economic systems. A friend in Lafayette echoes my feelings at this point: “Will you speak please?" my friend begs. My summers of 1965 and 1966 were spent in Harlem, a black colony within Manhattan and “The World’s Financial Center.” I learned to [...]

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Q – How Do Angels Fly? A – Levity and Poetry

G.K Chesterton posed a question and provided an answer that has helped me through two summers in Harlem, ten years in Hong Kong, 18 months at the University of Hawaii in Honolulu, Spanish studies in Bolivia, only six difficult months in Venezuela and twenty years in the poorest state of the union – Louisiana. “How [...]

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Is Pope Francis Courting Martyrdom?

Fifteen of the first thirty-five popes were martyred for challenging existing civil and religious systems. Pope St. George I was the last to die in 655. Roman emperors could not even dream of a global empire now embodied by the United States. Early popes spoke in defense of their faith in Christ while rejecting Roman [...]

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Ranking of Peaceful Countries and States

Dr. Joseph Fahey, PhD is an esteemed classmate who has taught for fifty years in the Peace Studies Dept. of Manhattan University. I extracted this list from his five decades of research and wisdom. Dr. Fahey gleaned from Peace Index (,, this ranking is presented to readers of my web site. Dr. Fahey [...]

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Baseball Is a Metaphor on Life

LSU and ULL baseball have come to the forefront of publicity during the 2015 season. Sunday, June 14th, a towering 6 foot nine pitcher from Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas helped to humble the LSU Tigers with a wide assortment of pitches and blazing fast ball. LSU did defeat University of Louisiana-Lafayette (ULL) [...]

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Which Nation Has the Largest Military Footprint in 2015?

Vladimir Putin manifested a macho moment in mid-June 2015 by declaring “The USA has the biggest military footprint in the world. Just look at the map!” No map was shown by any major newspaper. On the domestic front, for years Ron Paul has been complaining about the presence of 600 US bases in over 100 [...]

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Could We Promote June 2015 as Ocean Awareness Month?

Monday, June 8, 2015 is World Oceans Day, observed by an international conference to be held in Paris. Leading industrial nations (G7) met in Germany the same week to discuss international challenges. This year climate change was included. A discussion on “Decarbonization” of the international economic system occurred at the same time Norway, an oil-producing [...]

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Is Our Ocean Dying While We Are Sleeping?

The International Programme on the State of our Ocean (IPSO) reports that our ocean is under the greatest threat going back three hundred million years. Acidification of the ocean, due to increasing amounts of carbon dioxide is increasing at an intolerable rate. Not least, plankton in the ocean provide over half of Earth’s oxygen. Increasing [...]

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