One of the major news outlets of the USA today offered an opinion on July 7th proclaiming fracking was rather harmless, beneficial to our economy and energy independence. Not much was said of water being more important than oil.

“They have eyes that do not see, ears that do not hear, and mouths that do not speak” is the most frequently repeated prophetic biblical phrase in human history.

The Military Industrial Complex (MIC) was predicted in 1961 by an astute five-star General Dwight Eisenhower. Other myopic Commanders-In-Chief have failed to heed Eisenhower’s prophetic warning as the US leaped from spending $1 billion for the entire WWII year 1945 to over $2 billion per day in 2015. “We have never been more insecure in history” according to the late Admiral Noel Gaylor retired after 45 years in the US Navy. Our Prison Industrial Complex (PIC) is the reverse side of the MIC which drains more than $60 billion yearly to incarcerate over one million people in this nation. We have the highest rate of incarceration in the world with Louisiana leading all fifty USA states.

The MIC and PIC are totally dependent upon a mighty CCC for daily functioning. The Pentagon is Earth’s largest consumer of oil. Several nations in the 21st century are now striving for “carbon neutrality” as humankind slowly transitions to a carbon free, renewable energy world.

Pope Francis gave a considerable boost to the global carbon-free energy system with publication of his encyclical (letter to the world) in June 2015. Pope Francis has a degree in chemistry, a status that might silence critics who tell him to avoid scientific matters and remain in the spiritual realm. Survival/salvation of a threatened planet and all species on Earth is very spiritual in nature.

From elementary chemistry, we know that carbon dioxide coming into contact with water becomes carbonic acid. No disciple of the CCC would deny our ocean is being overwhelmed by carbon dioxide. We are changing ocean composition through limitless burning of fossil fuels. Such a scientific fact is not new. Svante August Arrhenius (1859-1927), the Swedish founder of physical chemistry predicted a dangerous future for all on Earth from limitless burning of fossil fuels. In 1905 he reiterated that warning specifically by predicting warming of our planet. Life on Earth is endangered as our warming, rising ocean slowly expires from human-induced carbon dioxide.

Not until June 1988 did NASA scientist James Hansen stand before the US Congress and announce “Global warming is a reality.” Still denial persists. “Eyes that do not see… Ears that do not hear.”

Extraction of fossil fuels such as tar sands in Alberta, Canada is the equivalent of destroying 54,000 square miles, the size of Louisiana. Politicians in Baton Rouge and four million citizens of Louisiana would not allow any wing of the mighty CCC to destroy this beautiful state in search of a mineral. Nor would contamination of sacred water from fracking be tolerated. Several nations and USA states have already banned fracking. Will journalists eventually acknowledge “leaving oil in the soil” is the major drastic transition in history which will eventually save us from ourselves? Our suffering/dying ocean and planet will applaud such slow human awakening.