June 23, 1988 NASA scientist James Hansen boldly appeared before the US Congress and repeated the 1890 warning of Swedish scientist Svante August Arrhenius. Arrhenius prophetically said endless burning of fossil fuels will eventually make life on Earth difficult for all who reside upon our blue pearl. He repeated the warning in 1903. Thinking beings have been too busy making money to pay attention as the Industrial Ice age was driven forward by cheap fossil fuels.

Twenty seven years ago Hansen calmly informed our elected officials “It is over 90% certain global warming is a reality.” Each year leading up to 2014 heat records have been broken according to meteorologists. Still members of Congress are in denial about weather calamities.

“They have eyes but do not see, ears that do not hear, mouths that do not speak…” (Mark 8:18) is the most repeated “worn slick” line in the bible for everyone to ponder.

Australia recorded 130 degree weather in 2013, the hottest ever in its history. 2014 was the warmest year in weather records.

Since the May 2003 US invasion of Iraq unspeakable carnage has been followed by war correspondents. Very little attention has been given to unbearable heat recorded in Iraq. July 31st, 2015 THE WASHINGTON POST reported a “heat holiday” in Iraq as temperatures hit 120 degrees. The heat index in Iran was 160 degrees in a related story. Arrhenius and Hansen need not seek approval in their prognostications of heat to befall the planet. Rather, are we paying attention?

Fifty six million years ago as Earth evolved, scientists defined the geological warming as Earth’s Paleo Ecocene Thermal Maximum (PETM), a period when excessive carbon dioxide enveloped our only home. That intense warming was stretched out over thousands of years. Carbon dioxide emissions of our present geological age are rising too quickly for all life on Earth. Are humans inducing another PETM?

Scientists believe carbon dioxide levels are rising faster now than during the PETM era.

Soldiers of any religious/political/economic persuasion are defenseless as unbearable heat envelops our only home. The hottest day in our nation was 134 degrees recorded in Death Valley, CA on July 10, 1913. German statesman Konrad Adenaur wisely observed “1913 (the year before WWI in 1914) was the last normal year in history.” Wars and weather history have seriously hobbled humankind and all non-human life since that year.

Is it time to focus less on ESPN (a mysterious acronym for endless televised sporting events) and educate ourselves more about PETM? Mother Earth is our harsh, sometimes unforgiving teacher. Nature is informing us billions of tons of carbon dioxide will change the composition of our sacred ocean. If the ocean becomes too acidic from CO2 jellyfish have a chance to exist. Costeau spoke of human threats to our ocean decades ago.

Geologian Thomas Berry (1914-2009) wisely said, “The sole issue before us now is survival.”