September is a critical moment in our history. Humans began tinkering underground this month with atomic weapons that can destroy entire cities or nations. During my time (1980-1981) studying linguistics and Chinese at the University of Hawaii I learned the USA had over 40,000 targets in the former USSR. I discovered the US Navy ”roamed and patrolled” (Book of Job) ¾ of Earth through nuclear submarines directed by the mighty Commander-In-Chief Pacific (CINCPAC) based in Honolulu.

We might pause and think of our role in protecting Earth for future generations. Children know instinctively it is wrong to harm any living creatures. Mencius, (372-289 BCE) the Chinese philosopher said: “At the very beginning, we are good, pure and innocent by nature.” But then, learned behavior from adults can soon send us off track, often leading young people into incarceration. Louisiana (per 100,000) has the highest incarceration rate in the USA, just as we nationally have the highest incarceration status in the world. Are our presidents ever charged with war crimes?

*September 19, 1957 – the US exploded the first Atomic bomb underground. The strategic plan to destroy cities or countries was given a democratic “blessing” by our government. Eventual destruction of our only home would be entirely “legal.” Dean William Boyer of the University of Hawaii Department of Education said, “Every institution within which we now function is obsolete because they are all pre-atomic in nature” (Education For Annihilation, 1972). In his book Boyer warns over half of university graduates offer their talents to destructive patterns of “defense” which General Eisenhower’s predicted in 1961. The Military Industrial Complex, (MIC) is now consuming over $2 billion daily of our bleeding budget. The US MIC is simply the other face of a USA Prison Industrial Complex (PIC) draining off $60 billion each year while rehabilitating very few of the imprisoned women and men. MIC and PIC are contributing daily to our $18 trillion national debt.

*September 26, 1983 – Russian Colonel Stanislas Petrov, now 76 years old, literally saved us from global destruction by doing absolutely nothing! There was a mistaken warning of an attack by the US on the USSR. Petrov personally decided to ignore the warning, thus sparing two nuclear superpowers from an exchange that would have been catastrophic for all on Earth. J. Robert Oppenheimer, one of the designers of atomic weapons warned, “The next exchange will involve dozens, if not hundreds of atomic weapons.” Einstein, Oppenheimer (both deceased) and other scientists involved in the ecocidal genesis of nuclear weapons regretted their involvement in a killing design that changed history forever.

Forest fires that grip western US states in September 2015 are a miniscule preview of the exchange that might result from nearly 20,000 such devices now held by nuclear nations. Harvard University Medical School in the 1980’s concluded there are not enough burn units in the USA to cope with victims of a nuclear exchange. In 2015 there are 123 burn units in the USA.

“British evolutionist Richard Dawkins in the late 1970’s proposed the concept of memes, or mind viruses…. Some 2000 years ago Buddha and Jesus signaled a radical shift in morality: Not only was committing an evil act forbidden, the very thought of it was equal to the act.” (The Old Hermit’s Almanac, p. 263) Petrov can rejoice in his refusal to push buttons while some candidates for US Commander-In-Chief plead for a stronger US military.The very thought of incineration is wrong.