Can We Change More In The Next 10 Years Than In The Past 10,000?

“If it had been the design of human history to bring Earth to the edge of ruin, there is no better mechanism than the free market economy.” The teacher and I were amazed that none of the adult students could return the compound concept.

Will We Learn From Our Largest Melting Island?

As carbon dioxide levels approach 400 parts per million (ppm) stressful questions remain about the rise of ocean levels. Earth and billions of people await a gradual transition to an economy that is carbon neutral.

Louisiana Flexes B-52 Muscles Over Europe In November

How would four million residents of Louisiana respond to a joint military exercise when European, Russian and Latin American planes and ships with thousands of troops held an exercise in the Gulf of Mexico?

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Who Are Real Illiterate People In Our Future?

University of Chicago educator Mortimer Adler (1902-2002) wrote How To Read a Book (1949) in which the scholar concluded: “If, after graduation from an institution of higher learning, we do not have the desire to read, study and learn for the rest of our lives, our education has been a total failure.”

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What Great Power Lurks Beneath Keystone XL Pipeline Path?

Never did I hear a word that day in Port Arthur, nor have I ever read of one totally certain geological fact that the New Madrid fault, six times larger than the San Andreas, is exactly within the pathway of KXL’s journey down to the Gulf of Mexico.

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Stand With Veterans For Peace!

Over the last several years, Veterans For Peace chapters have taken the lead in celebrating Armistice Day onNovember 11. We are reclaiming the original intention of that day – a worldwide call for peace that was spurred by universal revulsion at the huge slaughter of World War One.

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