Historian James Douglass, author of JFK and the UnSpeakable manifested Kennedy’s disdain for the CIA and its addiction to overthrowing governments in one blunt commentary: ”I would like to take the CIA, break it into a thousand pieces and scatter it to the winds.” The answer to a rhetorical question about which president was the last to challenge the CIA may be obscurely wrapped within an infamous murder that occurred in Dallas on November 22, 1963.

During a casual dinner with friends while living in Dallas (1989-1992), I met a resigned police officer who was on security duty at the time of JFK’s killing. Without probing, I calmly remarked, “That must have been an interesting time in your life.” Almost immediately, “E.D.”  the former DPD officer said: “That was a conspiracy that went all the way to the top!” He later resigned from the police department, pursued studies in a Texas school of divinity and was ordained as a minister in one of the mainstream Protestant churches.  I informed Jim Douglass of the rather shocking conversation. As a historian, Douglass wanted to support his conviction that the CIA was behind Kennedy’s death and asked me for the police officer/minister’s phone number in Dallas. Days later Douglass phoned to tell me E.D. would not speak to him. It was a call of mild frustration from Douglass late in the evening. My explanation was simple. “E.D.” knows you are doing research, writing history and does not want to see his name mentioned in any books. Just check the JFK documentaries to see what happened to those witnesses who spoke out on that assassination in Dallas. They are all mysteriously dead!

E.D. knew I was not writing any books about that unsolved murder of our president, so he talked freely to me about his personal experience in Dallas when Governor Connally was urged not to ride in the same vehicle with Kennedy because “You might be seriously injured!” E.D. told of other glaring security breaches that fateful day in Dallas.  Just rolling by Dealy Plaza at five m.p.h. made a shot or shots from anywhere certain to find their intended victim. Perhaps the police officer who became a minister is still telling his experience to Texans? A visit with the “liberated” officer remains indelible in my memory.

Jim Douglass spoke to a delegation of Pax Christi (“Peace of Christ”) members in Houston during a state-wide 1990 gathering.  With confidence based upon years of his research on the CIA during Cold War years, Douglass boldly told us: “The USA coup occurred the same day JFK was murdered in Dallas.”

My university classmate from Harvard who worked in the US Government Latin American Department told of his years in government service. He spoke of a “black box” budget ascribed to the CIA, meaning nobody knew of the number of agents or the amount of money given to the clandestine organization.

One prominent priest from the US was addressing a group of retreatants in New Mexico when a government servant approached to caution: “Father, you must understand, the worst enemy in this nation is the CIA!” The priest was stunned: “You are a government servant with clearance?” The forthright man said, “I have high-security clearance. You must believe this was our conviction even during years of tension with the former USSR”. Read The Devil’s Chessboard by David Talbot(2015).

No matter who gains the White House in 2016, some know the CIA will try to control our government and continue promoting global warfare. Which poor nation is next for war on the chessboard?