NYC Slows Down To 25mph To Save Lives – Would Lafayette?

Although traffic jams could easily slow the flow of vehicles to the point where walking was faster, no mayor had the gumption to pass legislation reducing the speed to 25 m.p.h. Mayor John Lindsay in the 1970’s challenged residents by declaring, “You have every right to enter NYC, but you do not have a right to bring a ton of metal (before plastic was a vital component of cars) with you.”

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Where Have All The Winters Gone?

While some university degree holders and elected officials deny what Mr. Judice and my father sensed as students of nature, these two non-degreed men by simply observing drastic natural changes had “Masters in Earth’s misery.” plus PhD’s in nature’s poverty.

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Are We Pawns On The Devil’s Chessboard?

Are we tax paying pawns in a system that bleeds over $2 billion daily for “defense”? Has the Pentagon operative Ashton Carter, now serving as Secretary of Defense that mysteriously replaced dismissed secretary Chuck Hegel in order to continue a history in which the USA has been at war 222 out of 239 years?

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Water Wars: Cochabamba, Bolivia Flint, Michigan and Our Chicot Aquifer

Children in Flint now have an unacceptable amount of lead in their blood. This means serious brain damage.

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Would Rosa Parks Cooperate With I-49?

Lafayette, LA city officials held a press conference that day in the Rosa Parks Center announcing a US government grant of $300,000 to spark economic growth as a 5.5-mile Interstate passes through the heart of Lafayette. I-49 is questioned by many citizens and members of the Sierra Club, turning the familiar “I-49 Corridor” into “Y-49?”

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