A priest in San Antonio invited me to dinner in the home of a chemical engineer in 1991. At the table, I was introduced to a Methodist minister who was formerly a police officer on duty the very day President Kennedy was murdered in Dallas. Cautiously with neutrality, I said, “That must have been an interesting time of your life.” Without hesitation, “Rev. E.D.” replied, “Kennedy’s assassination was a definite conspiracy that went all the way to the top.” The officer gave three clear reasons of foul play including a warning given to Texas Governor John Connally.  The police officer explained how Connally was privately urged NOT to ride in the president’s limo because he could get hurt. That tragic day culminated in Parkland Hospital. In 2015, the dark side of murder in Dallas remains a murky mystery.

Historian/biographer James Douglas wrote JFK and the Unspeakable. Douglas told a group of Pax Christi (meaning “Peace of Christ, an international Catholic peace organization of perhaps 100,000) members in Houston at the 2011 annual meeting, “The US coup occurred with the murder of President Kennedy.”

Douglas’ book is essential reading for every citizen. “We can try to understand what is going on in the USA today through the lens of what happened in Dallas,” Douglas as historian believes. “JFK was the last president to challenge the mysterious government body by saying, “I would like to take the CIA, break it into a thousand pieces, then scatter it to the winds.”

jfkAfter carefully studying JFK and the Unthinkable, it is essential that we citizens who really care take on David Talbot’s 600-page tome (with over 600-footnotes) entitled The Devil’s Chessboard. Kennedy’s fateful challenge to the CIA manifested his personal confrontation with powerful Allen Dulles. Dulles was an architect of our shadow government during the Cold war years. When a youthful president pitted himself against such a historical, imperialistic figure, Talbot chessboardconcluded: “Dulles would turn his Georgetown home into the center of an anti-Kennedy government in exile.” (Prologue, p.7).

Dwight Eisenhower in his 1961 retirement speech warned of the influence of our Military Industrial Complex (MIC). Thereafter retired military officers pointed out how an octopus of defense contractors reaped billions from ongoing imperialistic warfare. Roman emperors could not even dream of USA global conquest and control observed in the 21st century. Clandestine CIA agents are feared globally. Their number and budget remain a secret. JFK’s challenge to the secret agency is bravado not likely to be repeated.

Are we tax paying pawns in a system that bleeds over $2 billion daily for “defense”? Has the Pentagon operative Ashton Carter, now serving as Secretary of Defense that mysteriously replaced dismissed secretary Chuck Hegel in order to continue a history in which the USA has been at war 222 out of 239 years?

If we are fond of historical novels, Talbot’s book will grip our page-turning attention and educate us. Well researched books of Douglas and Talbot will certainly help all perceive our present historical decline as narcotized pawns in an endless imperialistic quagmire.

“Not to know what happened before one was born is to remain a child.” (Cicero: De Oratore XXXIV)